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      Salesforce Automation – The Midas Touch For Every Business

      Aug 27, 2020

      3 minute read

      Salesforce is a mighty CRM platform that offers a plethora of features and functionalities. However, more frequently than not, users need to repeat the same set of actions every time for every account, contact, or opportunity, thus, hampering their productivity.

      In the age of smart work, why rely on manual effort to perform each part of a business process when you can automate it? To help save time and effort, Salesforce automation is the best bet.

      Salesforce Automation Elements to Help you Automate

      1. Workflows – Automatic workflows in Salesforce allow automating basic processes and standard internal procedures to save time across orgs. It also enables several actions like Field Update, Email Alert, Produce Task, and departing Message Key Considerations. Method Builders can be used additionally to automate the fundamental processes that contain if/then statements that Salesforce recommends.

      2. Approvals – Approval Process in Salesforce automation permits to mechanize the endorsements required in different situations. Users can indicate the criteria required by a record, keeping in mind the end goal to get into the Approval Process.

      Salesforce Automation

      3. Lightning Flow – It enables declarative process automation for every Salesforce app, and experience, with two automation tools, namely Process Builder and Flow Builder. To provide a seamless, personalized experience to every customer that gets in touch with your company, it consists of a graphical representation of your method and uses UI to create processes. The attainable actions through Process Builder are records (related to the Record triggering the Method Builder), Email Alert, Launch a Flow, Post to Chatter, Quick Action, Submit for Approval, and Update Record(s).

      Benefits of Salesforce Automation

      The two-fold benefits of automating Salesforce processes are that users can spend their time on other tasks, and you can trust that the process is always done right. Scroll down to read the major advantages that a business can gain by going the new way:

      1. Competitive Advantage – Businesses can increase efficiency and productivity to a great extent with Salesforce automation tools. It becomes easier for executives to focus on their core tasks rather than handling administrative tasks.

      2. Transparency of Work – By automating Salesforce, users can have clear visibility of where the lead is in the funnel and buying journey. Several issues like if a lead goes unassigned, not called, etc. can be easily adjusted to in the workflow.

      3. Easy Process – Automation in Salesforce ensures that everyone goes step-by-step in the business process. This one is especially for new team members who intend to skip important steps like fast-forwarding the pricing discussion before showing the value of products and services. Salesforce automation enables accountability for every step that the team takes and leads to a higher win rate with an improved business cycle.

      Salesforce Automation Benefits

      4. Effective Change – Automating Salesforce increases the speed and efficiency of making changes within the entire organization because you can make changes universally. There is no need to schedule or work in phases for each department to implement a change.

      5. Consistent Results – Consistency is a sure thing in all automated activities that allow users to make informed decisions. With a streamlined business process amongst team members, team managers can introduce various variables to see what gives the best results.

      In a nutshell, Salesforce automation enables businesses to create multiple processes/plans for different aspects of the business to ensure that the entire buyer cycle is covered and no business is falling through the cracks.

      Want help with anything related to Salesforce automation? Talk to us!

      Grazitti Interactive is a trusted Salesforce consulting and services provider for various global companies including 100+ Silicon Valley brands. If you are looking to introduce or amplify automation in your Salesforce Org, drop us a mail at [email protected].

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