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      Salesforce-Calendly Integration: Automate Business Meetings & Boost Productivity

      Feb 27, 2023

      3 minute read

      Meetings are an essential element of organizations.

      They offer a great way to communicate, learn from one another, and develop your company as a whole.

      However, meetings can also be time-consuming, tedious, and disruptive, which interrupts your workflow and hampers business productivity.

      For automating meetings and building customer relationships, businesses are gravitating more towards using the top meeting scheduling tool, i.e. Calendly, and the #1 CRM tool, Salesforce.

      Salesforce streamlines your business workflows to redefine customer relationships in a digital-first environment. But, can you use Salesforce for scheduling? Does it help you create a seamless meeting experience with your customers/clients?

      Enter – Salesforce-Calendly integration.

      Salesforce-Calendly integration allows your business to make better use of your time, automate the appointment-setting process, and create meaningful interactions with clients, customers, and co-workers.

      In this blog post, we are going to decode everything you need to know about Salesforce-Calendly integration.

      The Need for Salesforce-Calendly Integration

      Automation is a key to success when it comes to business productivity. And automating business meetings is one way to improve the efficiency of your teams.

      This is where Salesforce-Calendly integration comes into the picture. It allows you to eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks for your team. Rather than having your employees waste time searching for a free meeting room and calling clients/team members to schedule and confirm meetings, they can simply use the tools you integrate together.

      Calendly-Salesforce integration ensures that everyone gets the right information at the right time and meets when they are supposed to. Also, it allows you to:

      • Book meetings for revenue teams by integrating Calendly with your Salesforce system of record
      • Achieve frictionless scheduling by adding your preferred video conference application to Calendly
      • Record the scheduled events by syncing new contacts from Calendly to Salesforce

      How Does the Calendly-Salesforce Integration Work?

      To reap the benefits of this powerful duo, you should know how to integrate these two giant platforms.

      Here’s how Salesforce-Calendly integration works:

      • Log into your Salesforce account.
      • Click on the “Create” button.
      • Select “Calendar Integration”.
      • Click on the “New” button.
      • After choosing “Calendly” from the list of providers, click on the “Connect” button.
      • Once you’re redirected to the Calendly website, enter your account information.
      • Click on the “Create” button.

      And voila! You’re all set.

      Features of Salesforce-Calendly Integration

      The integration offers exceptional features for you to schedule bookings efficiently in your Salesforce Org by:

      • Creating leads and events
      • Keeping an eye on matching records for no duplication entry
      • Viewing upcoming Calendly events
      • Monitoring canceled and rescheduled events for individual invitees
      • Reporting on activity directed by Calendly

      Salesforce-Calendly Integration – The Benefits

      Salesforce-Calendly Integration - The Benefits

      Salesforce-Calendly integration automatically schedules your appointments, which enables you to stay on top of your meetings.

      Also, when scheduling your meetings in Calendly, you don’t need to switch back to Salesforce for adding customers’ data and accessing easy bookings. You can directly share your Calendly link with the respective person/group and start your meeting.

      Along with this, there are a few more benefits your business can reap after integrating Calendly and Salesforce.

      Here are a few of them:

      • Easy Mapping

      • A successful Salesforce-Calendly integration helps you gather information present in the booking flow to Salesforce fields. This lets your peers view the information without switching back and forth to different tabs.

      • Activity Tracking

      • With this integration, you can audit past and current meetings from Calendly by different fields like campaign, time period, meeting type, etc.

      • Task Creation

      • You can easily create tasks and events in the Salesforce Object whenever a meeting is scheduled.

      • Customization

      • You can easily customize the integration within your Salesforce Org to align with your current tasks/processes.

      • Connect With Internal or External Clients

      • You can schedule meetings with internal and external clients by simply embedding the code for meetings on the website or connecting with teams by sending them a link.


      The successful integration of Salesforce and Calendly streamlines the process of setting up and hosting meetings. It can significantly improve your teams’ capabilities to manage uncountable meetings efficiently. With this powerful duo, you can manage your workflows, automate your data management, reduce your admin tasks, and make your business processes more efficient.

      Ready to Integrate Calendly With Your Salesforce Org? Talk to Us!

      Book meetings using an easy-to-use online scheduler and manage appointments efficiently. Should you need any help with this integration, simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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