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      Salesforce-Slack Integrations: A Game-Changer for Digital-First Teams

      Nov 11, 2021

      4 minute read

      Following the completion of Slack’s $27.7 billion acquisition by Salesforce, they’ve finally launched the much-awaited product offering.

      Salesforce has combined Slack’s collaboration capabilities across its clouds and Customer 360. With this, they’ve unveiled the new platform as Slack-First Customer 360.

      In this all-digital world, customers demand more connected experiences. And the Slack-First Customer 360 equips brands to best reach and engage their customers with superlative experiences no matter where they are.

      And so, with this powerful platform, you can enable your teams to stay connected, productive, and get work done effectively and from anywhere effectively, both internally and cross-company.

      Let’s unravel all about how Salesforce and Slack together would make it easier to navigate in this new hybrid world.

      All About the Slack-First Customer 360 Product Suite

      Slack-First Customer 360 aims to enable organizations to collaborate, simplify, and streamline workflows with a holistic single view of the customer.

      It includes:

      • Slack-First Sales
      • Slack-First Marketing
      • Slack-First Service
      • Slack-First Analytics

      These new pre-built integrations between Slack and Salesforce are a dream come true for every sales, service, and marketing department. These will help them collaborate easily, streamline workflows around CRM data, and give them a single source of truth for their business. Also, for better collaboration with external partners, customers, and vendors, Slack Connect can help.

      Similar to Salesforce’s acquisitions of Tableau and MuleSoft, Slack is a tool that’s a stand-alone application as well as one interwoven seamlessly throughout the Salesforce ecosystem to optimize business processes.

      How the Slack Integration Amplifies What Salesforce’s Products Do

      Together, Salesforce and Slack are focused on making customer relationship management easy by ensuring abundant communication opportunities, providing tools to automate work processes, and the ability to connect with external customers using Slack Connect.

      Let’s take a look at how Slack integration can benefit your business.


      Slack-First Sales

      This will empower your sales reps to collaborate on deals in real-time and drive growth from anywhere. It holds advanced capabilities to provide your users with better visibility into account details in Sales Cloud. Also, you can use Slack as a system of engagement to connect the right people to close deals quickly.

      It has:

      • Digital Deal Rooms: It enables sales teams to collaborate at all points in a deal cycle in Slack. Another major advantage is that you get the option to access meeting data and Salesforce records, and update them directly from Slack. With all data in a centralized place, teams can prepare for meetings and expedite onboarding with account details access in Slack.
      • Automated Daily Briefs: It provides your sales team with a personalized daily list of tasks, meetings, and priority deals they need to work on, thus, ensuring better productivity and time-efficiency.

      Slack-First Service

      With Salesforce and Slack in your corner, it becomes easier for your teams to cross-collaborate and deliver real-time support to the customers. Your service agents can easily get access to case data that is available in the Service Cloud, directly in Slack, which ultimately results in improving CSAT. This enables service reps to automate tasks by identifying the case and bringing the right expert to handle it, minimizing customer response time.

      It has:

      • Swarming: This feature creates a Slack channel for the service reps to resolve a high-priority case by collaborating and assigning the right personnel/partner for faster query resolution.
      • Expert Finder: Based on skills, availability, and capacity, support teams can automatically highlight and identify the right expert that can be added to the swarm channel using this feature.

      Slack-First Marketing

      Modern marketers have a lot on their plate and with the new-age customers’ expectations and demands, marketers find it challenging to delight and engage customers in real-time. With Salesforce and Slack, marketing teams can easily collaborate on customer journeys and get relevant insights quickly.

      It has:

      • Intelligent and AI-driven Insights: Data points from Marketing Cloud and Datorama will provide data directly in Slack so that team members have an overview on how to nurture customer relationships effectively. For instance, if the engagement level is lower than expected from a marketing campaign, the data for it will be shared directly in Slack, thus, ensuring that teams take necessary action to keep the campaigns on track.
      • Workflow Notifications: You’d be notified automatically in Slack channels when changes are made to marketing collateral such as adding an email subject line. This gives teams better visibility and the ability to review, collaborate on, and approve changes instantly.

      Slack-First Analytics

      To back your business decisions with data, Slack and Tableau ensure better visibility of analytics across the organization. This means you can get insights from Tableau in Slack with automated notifications on sales pipelines and data shifts so that you can make smarter decisions fast.

      It has:

      • Automated Notifications: With this feature, Slack users can stay connected to the data in Tableau that are actionable.
      • Watchlist Digests: This feature enables your service teams to regularly update certain selected metrics and trends. With subscriptions, teams can also automate dashboard updates. This empowers customers to access meaningful data insights.

      This announcement follows similar moves from Microsoft, which integrated its collaboration platform – Teams into Dynamics 365 to improve collaboration between teams that are using Microsoft’s CRM tools.

      Slack-First Customer 360 is here to help organizations communicate, collaborate, and take action on information across Salesforce and any other business apps or systems you use in a jiffy.

      Wish to get on the ‘Slack-First Customer 360’ bandwagon? Talk to us!

      If you’d like to talk about more things ‘Salesforce’ and ‘Slack’, our aces would be happy to pitch in. And to know more about our newest product that enables two-way communication between a Salesforce-powered community and Slack channels, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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