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      Salesforce – Solidifying the Move Towards Digital Dominance

      Dec 08, 2022

      5 minute read

      Salesforce generates a total revenue of $21.25 billion, holds a 19.8% of CRM applications market share and has acquired more than 69 companies to date.[i] It is quite evident that Salesforce has taken a big leap forward in solving complex customer challenges.

      It is one of the CRM platforms that has stood strong over the years due to its consistent groundbreaking innovations and customer-first approach. In the last two decades, Salesforce has emerged as a high-flier in the enterprise software world, empowering businesses of all sizes to grow better with cloud and AI technologies.

      Right from its inception, Salesforce has stayed relevant with its offerings and thrived in its mission to provide customers and stakeholders with newer avenues of success. So, let’s take a quick look at the latest and greatest from the house of Salesforce, its acquisitions, and mergers, and a sneak peek into its future landscape.

      Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Thriving in the B2C Sector

      A good Commerce Cloud should serve 3 main objectives – unified shopping experience, enhanced scalability, and personalized customer experiences. Salesforce Commerce Cloud does it all!

      And that’s why Salesforce received the highest possible scores from Forrester in areas crucial to customer success, market presence, personalization, AI, business intelligence and analytics, and ecosystem in 2018.[ii]

      And as a part of Salesforce’s continuous effort to provide a personalized customer experience, it has equipped its Commerce Cloud to provide a better shopping experience. With efficient business user interfaces and operational excellence, it successfully helps its customers grow revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, and expand into new markets.

      Salesforce Commerce Cloud is thriving in the B2C space. It is helping retail trailblazers grow revenue, deepen customer loyalty, and expand to new markets with a key focus on game-changing AI, continuous innovation, and shared success.

      Salesforce + Slack = A Strategic Move to Solidify the Salesforce Ecosystem

      A big chunk of Salesforce’s growth strategy has been its ability to acquire companies and software, and integrate their functionalities into its existing technology stack. That’s why over the last two decades, Salesforce has been a class act in the enterprise software world, empowering businesses of all sizes to grow with cloud and AI technologies.

      And Slack is Salesforce’s biggest and most crucial acquisition in its historic growth journey with a massive $27.7 billion deal[iii]. Salesforce and Slack have joined forces to build the Slack-first Customer 360. Now, it’s easier than ever to connect customers, employees, and partners with conversations, apps, and data that power digital workflow for an all-new way to work. Slack’s acquisition has reinforced Salesforce’s market presence even more. With its core services being related to sales, marketing, and customer service, Salesforce needed a communication platform to help it facilitate seamless communication of employees, customers, and partners. And that’s where Slack helped it stand out.

      The powerful combination of Salesforce and Slack also brings together two of the software industry’s most dynamic segments. It creates an open and extensive ecosystem that will deliver the next generation of digital-first apps and workflows for business. Slack and Salesforce are already making a huge difference.

      How is the Salesforce-Slack Acquisition Benefitting Users?

      The combination of the two is empowering companies to succeed in the new digital landscape. With a single source of truth, businesses now have a unified platform that connects employees, customers, and partners with each other and the applications they use every day, all within their existing workflows. This acquisition is helping businesses by:

      • Creating connected customer experiences
      • Enhancing organizational alignment and agility
      • Making access to files across platforms simple and quick
      • Bringing sales and service into collaborative mode

      As a part of Salesforce, Slack is continuing to set up to expedite and extend its mission to make work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

      Salesforce’s Partnership With Meta – Solidifying the Move Towards Business Messaging

      The news of the partnership between Salesforce and WhatsApp could be counted as one of the most revolutionary partnerships for other businesses. The collaboration between WhatsApp and Salesforce’s Customer 360 will allow businesses to easily communicate with their customers via the platform ‘WhatsApp Business API’. This collaboration will allow businesses to:

      • Send marketing messages if the customers could be added to their next order with a single click
      • Send promotional messages in a video form
      • Deliver a positive and enhanced customer experience
      • Make the complete process convenient with higher security

      How Can Salesforce Leverage This Collaboration for B2B2C Reachout?

      This partnership would bring together the best of both platforms and empower companies to deliver personalized experiences to customers across the world. The collaboration between WhatsApp and Salesforce would ascertain that companies are able to quickly customize the experience of their customers by connecting in a simple, quick, and personal way to provide support, promote products & services, and answer queries.

      With Customer 360, WhatsApp would be able to empower businesses in improving customer engagement and revenue both globally and locally. Here’s how Salesforce can leverage this collaboration for business messaging:

      • Create an end-to-end customer journey using a Journey Builder and WhatsApp
      • Leverage marketing-driven interaction to personalize customer engagement, intelligent promotions, and recommendations at every touchpoint
      • Curate better selling and service conversations with AI and automation
      • Create positive customer experiences by customizing messages and making conversations more interactive
      • Provide robust security and privacy with the protocol of Signal encryption in WhatsApp

      This collaboration is designed to bring out capabilities to deliver modern, convenient, integrated, and personalized experiences between customers and businesses, worldwide. Also, it will change the way how brands connect seamlessly with customers through conversational engagement across marketing commerce, and service interactions.

      What Does the Future Look Like for Salesforce?

      No doubt, that the future of Salesforce would be inclined towards smart-selling, data-driven, automation, and artificial intelligence, in order to be one of the most powerful and reliable CRM platforms in the market.

      In the era of connected customers, companies that do not use CRM tools effectively are going to lag behind the competition. In 2023, more companies will look to implement a CRM platform that empowers teams across their organization with easy access to the apps and data they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

      As Salesforce will voyage further into the consumer-based business space, its future will be highly focused on the development and improvements of significant features that are continuously shaping the Salesforce industry trends in 2023.

      The next big thing that Salesforce is going to unveil is its foray into the B2C space. The company has already outlined its real-time customer data platform – Genie, at Dreamforce this year. It is going to be a key platform that businesses would look up to for ingesting and storing real-time data streams and transactional data at scale, empowering enterprise teams to deliver seamless, personalized experiences that continuously adapt to dynamic customer information and needs.

      The Bottom Line

      In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, businesses need to be more resilient to empower their customers. And Salesforce is consistently prioritizing its customers and incorporating new ways to tackle key customer challenges so that any organization can be ready for the future. This is a testament to how Salesforce is not just transforming businesses with tailor-made solutions to grow better revenue but making a positive impact toward building a sustainable future.

      Ready to Take a Step Towards Digital Dominance Using Salesforce? Let’s Talk!

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