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      Salesforce Spring ’24 Release: Important Dates and Highlights

      Jan 09, 2024

      3 minute read

      Salesforce Spring ’24 release is where innovation sprouts.

      Just as spring breathes life into nature, this release breathes new life into the Salesforce ecosystem, infusing it with a fresh array of features and enhancements.

      As the curtain rises on the Spring ’24 release, let us explore how it’ll brighten your Salesforce journey.

      Important Dates: Salesforce Spring Release ’24

      It’s important to stay updated on your production instance’s upgrade to the Salesforce Spring ’24 release. Testing your main use cases before this date is essential to ensure smooth functionality. While major bugs are uncommon in Salesforce releases, these checks are a wise precaution.

      The release dates for Spring ’24 vary based on your Salesforce instance, with the main release weekends set for:

      – January 12, 2024
      – February 2, 2024
      – February 9, 2024

      To find your production org’s instance and its specific upgrade date, head to Salesforce Trust, find your instance name, and click on “Maintenance.”

      If you’re unsure about your instance, go to “Company Information” in “Setup” on your Salesforce account.

      Insights on Salesforce Spring ’24 Sandbox Preview

      Understanding when your sandbox will be upgraded is crucial for testing your system on the new release. While signing up for a pre-release org is an option, these don’t replicate your specific configurations.

      Salesforce schedules sandbox upgrades based on whether it’s a “Preview” or “Non-Preview” instance. Updates on Sandbox previews are on the way; however, most sandboxes seem set for upgrades on January 6, 2024.

      Early Glimpse of Spring ’24 Release

      For those eager to explore the new release beforehand, signing up for a Spring ’24 pre-release org is a great choice. Pre-release org sign-ups began on December 14, 2023.

      Top Highlights: Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Notes

      Salesforce Spring  '24 pre-release

      Enhancements to LWC and Aura Components:

      Improved Lightning DataTable:

      • A new attribute, wrap-table-header, will be introduced, allowing convenient text wrapping within column widths in the lightning-datatable component.
      • You will be able to utilize a custom data source component, making it easier to dynamically determine data types at runtime.

      Updates in Lightning:Navigation:

      • There will be a significant modification centred around the replace property within the navigate(pageReference, replace) method, offering enhanced navigation for quick actions.

      Key Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Updates for Developers

      Beta Feature – Scratch Org SnapShots:

      • A new beta feature is set to launch, allowing you to effortlessly duplicate configurations from initial organizations whenever needed, thereby minimizing the need for manual configuration work.

      New Compression Namespace:

      • New classes for zip operations will be added, allowing for the creation and extraction of compressed files.

      ICU Locale Formats Integration:

      • Integration of locale formats for dates, times, numbers, and currencies will be possible, resulting in smoother language switching within your apps.

      Admin-Focused Highlights in the Upcoming Salesforce Spring ’24 Release:

      Faster Account Sharing Recalculation:

      • Performance will be improved by making changes in the automatic account-sharing recalculation.

      Einstein Search Default Feature:

      • Einstein Search will become a default feature in all Salesforce orgs, empowering your org with AI-driven search capabilities.

      Dynamic Actions on Mobile Devices:

      • You will gain the ability to use dynamic actions for standard objects on mobile devices, simplifying user interactions.

      Rich Text and Image Widgets in Dashboards:

      • Text and image widgets will be introduced in dashboards across all Salesforce editions, offering enhanced customization options.

      Flow Enhancements in the Upcoming Spring ’24 Release:

      AI Integration in Flow:

      • AI models from the Data Cloud will be integrated into the Flow using the Flow Actions element.

      Enhanced Input Properties Menu:

      • New input functionality in the Data Table component for Salesforce Flow will improve data handling.

      Repeater Component for Screen Flow (Beta):

      • Beta functionality will allow Flow Builders like yourself to capture repeated data in a single screen, making data collection more efficient.

      Debug Tools for Data Cloud-Triggered Flows:

      • You will gain access to a debug tool in Flow Builder to simulate Data Cloud-triggered flows for testing purposes.

      The Bottom Line

      Staying abreast of the latest updates within the Spring release is crucial for enhancing your Salesforce experience. It ensures you’re equipped with the newest tools and improvements, optimizing your workflows and outcomes. While comprehensive insights into the release are forthcoming, take a peek at our annual report, ‘Global Salesforce Prediction 2024’.

      Our annual predictions chapters serve as a strategic compass, offering insights into the evolving Salesforce landscape. By curating these predictions, we aim to empower Salesforce users, keeping them at the forefront of trends and innovations within the ecosystem. This annual endeavor is our commitment to equipping users with foresight, enabling them to align their strategies with the ever-evolving Salesforce landscape.

      Salesforce Spring '24 Release: Important Dates and Highlights
      Whether you’re just embarking on your Salesforce journey or seeking to maximize its potential, write to us at [email protected]!

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