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      Salesforce Summer ’17 Release: Blazing a Trail to Business Productivity

      Jun 23, 2017

      4 minute read

      Salesforce Summer ’17 release is built around empowering businesses to work faster and smarter with expanded Lightning products and Einstein intelligence. This release consists of amazing performance innovation, 300+ new features and powerful integration across the customer success platforms to help businesses improve productivity.  So, let’s check out the top features of Salesforce Summer ’17:Salesforce 17 release

      Service Cloud

      Lightning Service Console:

      • Allows company to just drag-and-drop components to create personalized experience for their agents and deliver a single unified view about every case and customer.
      • With split view features, agents can see a list of their cases in an addition to the current case, saving time as they work.
      • Keyboard shortcuts to help agents switch between tabs and refer history, reducing clicks and allowing them to close cases quickly.
      • Hovers allow agents to quickly access the information about any case at a glance.

      Lightning Service Setup:

      • Offers brand-new dedicated lightning setup experience with built-in best practices.
      • Has 5 walk-throughs to make it easy to setup service channels like email, Twitter, and Facebook.
      • Allows companies to setup – Knowledge and Lightning Communities to help agents and customers find the right information at the right time.
      • Provides admin with an insight into recommendations on what to do next, how the service team is performing and more.

      Snap-Ins for lightning Communities:

      • Allows companies to provide personalized experience under branded communities in just a few clicks.
      • Simply drop Snap-ins components to lightning community from the builder and publish to allow customers chat with agents in real-time and get help.
      • Since lightning communities are mobile-responsive, customers can start conversation from any device.

      Field Service Lightning Preventative Maintenance:

      • Allows companies to deliver proactive support to their customers
      • Simply define maintenance plan for any asset, and field service lightning will automatically generate work order, appointments based on the frequency and maintenance window.
      • Ensures every asset is up and running.

      Field Service Lightning Parts Requests and Transfers:

      • Allows companies request products from warehouse and have them delivered to customer or pickup location, or even transfer to another mobile employee out in the field.
      • With field service lightning mobile app, any mobile worker can request for products right from their phone.

      Lightning Report Builder:

      • Shows all information required in the report in an intuitive format.
      • Lists all the groups in any report so that you can easily add or remove any item.
      • Once entered information, the tabular report automatically changes into a summary report, which can be customized further as per the preference.

      Marketing Cloud

      Social Studio Einstein Vision:

      • Offers AI-driven social analysis to help marketers, sales reps and service reps become faster and smarter
      • Quickly scans product logo and fetch other related information in seconds to help sales or service reps quickly get an insight into any issue

      Pardot Engage Team Reports

      • Allows sales managers, admin and marketers to have insight into the adoption, review product emails and how these emails are used.
      • Highlights the impact of emails delivered on team and individual reps
      • Tracks which templates and campaigns drive the best results

      Salesforce DMP Einstein Segmentation:

      • Helps marketers understand their audience better based on common attributes through the power of AI
      • Saves time, money, and increases engagement across all social, web, marketing and ecommerce channels

      Marketing Cloud Mobile App User Management

      • Allows admin to respond to any user or customer anywhere anytime right from their mobile phones.
      • Available for free trial in the Apple app store

      Social Studio Command Center:

      • Introduces sales leaderboards feature, which displays top performers in sales and lets the team understand how they are performing against their sales target
      • Drives awareness, engagement, and activity across sales team.

      Sales Cloud

      Lightning for Gmail:

      • Is a brand-new native integration between Salesforce CRM and Gmail to help users access the power of lightning app builder and Salesforce lightning CRM right in their Gmail account

      Lightning Dialer Voicemail Drop:

      • Allows reps to pre-record generic message and then simply drop the message to leave a voicemail to their prospects
      • Saves time, efforts, and ensure consistency in messages

      Sales Cloud Einstein Automated Contacts:

      • Helps keep the data clean and accurate by analyzing emails and calendar events, identifying new contacts, and add new suggestion to keep records in CRM

      Lightning Contact Hierarchy:

      • Offers contact hierarchy in lightning experience to display thousands of records in an easy to view and easy to read visual display
      • Quickly customize and configure display columns
      • Provides complete information about any record just by hovering over

      Lightning Report Builder:

      • Conveys all information through an intuitive interface
      • Converts tabular reports automatically into summary reports, and can be customized further

      Community Cloud

      Lightning CMS Connect:

      • Enables content from Adobe experience manager CMS to easily be inserted in your community, which allows users to connect and use content from existing CMS and retain consistent content identity across your community and other web properties
      • Makes community mobile responsive and faster than ever before

      Service Console Lightning Community 360:

      • Allows agents close cases more efficiently as it is directly embedded into Lightning service console to provide agents with a quick access to any community activity with a unified view of the customer
      • Enables agents provide more personalized services to the customers
      • Helps agents learn about most viewed content, and also decide what other content they should update

      Service Community Scorecard

      • Helps agents track and analyze self-service metrics with a single dashboard
      • Tracks content that people are viewing the most, and update knowledge base accordingly
      • Can be customized to include metrics specific to your community

      Lightning Global Notifications:

      • Sends real-time notifications across communities and Salesforce
      • Allows users to quickly learn and responds using any web or mobile device

      Einstein Feed Search

      • Lets users find the most relevant feed search results, and sort by relevance, likes, and views
      • Helps discover relevant information across the community faster

      Want to make the most of the latest Salesforce Summer ’17 Release? Contact Us.

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce experts have provided award-winning, customized solutions for Service Cloud, Online Communities, Sales Cloud, and other Salesforce implementations for several top-notch companies. If you want to leverage the latest Salesforce enhancements to your instance, drop us an email at [email protected].

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