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      Salesforce Summer Release ’24—Bask in the Sunshine of Opportunities

      Jun 07, 2024

      6 minute read

      Salesforce Summer Release ‘24

      As the golden sun of opportunity rises higher in the azure skies, so does the Salesforce Summer Release ‘24 ascend, bringing a ton of innovations and enhancements.

      From AI enhancements that deliver unprecedented insights to advancements in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that redefine customer engagement, the Summer Release ’24 is designed to empower businesses of all sizes.

      Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce user or just beginning your journey, these updates are an opportunity to amp up your automation and marketing game.

      These updates are not just about technology; they’re about empowering you to achieve more, innovate faster, and connect better with your customers.

      Ready to uncover what’s new? Let’s get started!

      But wait—before you start reading. Here’s a thing – the enhancements and updates introduced in the Summer Release ’24 are a prelude to what’s coming next at Dreamforce 2024. So, read them carefully!

      Top 13 Summer Release ‘24 Highlights for Admins

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      1. Automation Lightning App:

      Previously: The automation functionalities within Salesforce were scattered across various tools and menus, potentially posing challenges for administrators in locating and utilizing the necessary tools.
      What’s new: The Automation Lightning App brings all the automation-related features together in one central location. This makes it easier for admins to discover, manage, and use automation tools like workflows, process builders, and flows.

      2. Einstein for Flow:

      Previously: Salesforce Flows were a powerful tool for automating tasks, but they required admins to have some coding knowledge.
      What’s new: Einstein for Flow leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to make flows more accessible and powerful. With natural language processing, admins can now create workflows based on plain English instructions, reducing the need for code.

      For instance, you might type, ‘I want to create a flow that sends a notification to sales representatives when a lead is converted to an opportunity.’ Einstein for Flow would automatically generate the workflow code to accomplish this precise task.”

      3. Einstein for Formulas:

      Previously: Troubleshooting formula errors in Salesforce could be time-consuming, especially for complex formulas.
      What’s new: Einstein for Formulas helps admins identify and fix formula syntax errors quickly. It uses AI to suggest corrections and provide explanations for the errors, making it easier to get your formulas working correctly.

      4. Dynamic Forms Enhancements:

      Previously: Dynamic Forms in Salesforce allowed admins to create forms that adapt based on user input. However, customization options were limited.
      What’s new: The Summer ’24 release brings new enhancements to Dynamic Forms. Admins can now add new custom fields to capture additional data and use blank spaces to improve the layout and alignment of fields on the form. This gives admins more control over the look and feel of their dynamic forms.

      5. Conditional Tab Visibility:

      Previously: All tabs in the Lightning app were always visible to users.
      What’s new: Conditional Tab Visibility allows admins to control which tabs are visible to users based on specific criteria. For example, an admin could hide a tab with advanced settings until a user completes a training course. This helps personalize the user experience and prevents users from being overwhelmed with too much information.

      6. Rich Text Headings:

      Previously: Headings in the Rich Text Component Editor had limited formatting options.
      What’s new: Rich Text Headings allows admins to style text headings with more options, such as font size, color, and weight. This gives admins more control over the look and feel of Lightning apps.

      7. Compact Density Preview:

      Previously: You couldn’t preview how Dynamic Forms-enabled pages would appear in the Compact Density setting within Lightning Experience.
      What’s New: The Compact Density Preview allows you to see how your Dynamic Forms will look and function when viewed in the Compact Density layout. This helps ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience across different screen sizes.

      8. Field History Tracking:

      Previously: The ability to track changes made to specific fields over time was not easily accessible within Salesforce.
      What’s New: Field History Tracking provides a centralized page where you can control which objects and fields have their history tracked. This allows for easier auditing, helps identify potential errors, and provides valuable insights into data changes.

      9. Personal Labels:

      Previously: Personal labels existed, but there might have been challenges in organizing and finding them efficiently.
      What’s New: Enhancements to personal labels might include improved organization, search functionalities, or easier access to frequently used labels. This could streamline the process of finding and applying personal labels for users.

      10. More Actions in Intelligence Views:

      Previously: Intelligence Views offered functionalities, but the range of actions available might have been limited.
      What’s New: “More Actions in Intelligence Views” suggests an expansion of available actions within these views. This could include adding standard actions like creating reports or taking notes, or even allowing custom actions for specific use cases. The aim is to boost user productivity by providing more options directly within Intelligence Views.

      11. Improved List View Performance:

      Previously: List views in Salesforce might have experienced slower rendering times, especially for large datasets.
      What’s New: Improved List View Performance leverages Lightning Web Components, a new framework that offers faster rendering and a more responsive user experience for list views.

      12. Permission Set Summaries:

      Previously: Understanding a user’s permissions and access could involve looking through multiple permission sets and configurations.
      What’s New: Permission Set Summaries provide a consolidated view of user permissions and access. This simplifies administration by offering a clear and concise overview of user permissions in a single location.

      13. User Access Policies:

      Previously: Defining access for groups of users could have necessitated individually configuring permissions for each user.
      What’s New: User Access Policies allow you to declaratively define access controls for groups of users in a single operation. This streamlines the process of managing user permissions and ensures consistency for groups with similar access needs.

      These were the highlights of Summer Release ‘24 for the Admins. Let’s now explore what’s new for everyone using Salesforce.

      Summer Release ‘24 Highlights for All Users

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      1. AI Enhancements:

      • Einstein GPT for Service: Enhanced AI capabilities in customer service enable more efficient and accurate case resolutions. This improvement helps support agents by providing better insights and solutions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.
      • Einstein GPT for Sales: Improved predictive analytics aids sales teams in identifying potential leads and closing deals faster. By leveraging AI, sales teams can prioritize leads more effectively and personalize their outreach, improving conversion rates.

      2. Flow Orchestrator Updates:

      • Enhanced capabilities in the Flow Orchestrator allow for more complex and customizable automation processes. This includes better integration with external systems and more intuitive user interfaces, empowering organizations to streamline workflows and increase operational efficiency.

      3. Marketing Cloud Innovations:

      • Genie Customer Data Cloud: A unified data platform that provides real-time customer insights, enhancing personalization and engagement strategies. This platform helps marketers deliver more targeted and effective campaigns based on comprehensive customer data.
      • AI-driven Personalization: Advanced AI tools create highly tailored marketing campaigns by analyzing real-time data. This innovation allows marketers to respond quickly to changing customer behaviors and preferences, optimizing marketing efforts.

      4. Enhanced Security Features:

      • Zero Trust Security Model: Strengthened security protocols across the platform to ensure data integrity and compliance. This model enhances protection against potential threats and unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive information.
      • Improved Data Encryption: Enhanced encryption methods secure sensitive information, enhancing overall data security and privacy.

      5. New Mobile Capabilities:

      • Mobile Offline Enhancements: Improved offline access and functionality for mobile users ensure productivity without internet connectivity. This improvement enables users to work seamlessly from anywhere, even in low-connectivity environments.
      • Salesforce Mobile App Updates: More robust features and a more intuitive user interface for the Salesforce mobile app enhance user experience and accessibility, supporting on-the-go productivity and collaboration.

      6. Slack Integration Enhancements:

      • Deeper Slack-Salesforce Integration: Streamlined workflows and communication within Slack with better integration of Salesforce data and processes. This enhancement improves collaboration and decision-making, increasing productivity and efficiency.
      • Automated Alerts and Updates: Improved alert systems within Slack keep teams updated on important Salesforce data and activities, ensuring timely actions and responses.

      7. Industry-specific Solutions:

      • Tailored solutions for key industries such as healthcare, financial services, and retail with specialized features to meet industry-specific needs and regulatory requirements. These solutions help organizations in these sectors achieve compliance and operational excellence.

      8. Developer Experience Improvements:

      • Enhanced Developer Tools: New tools and APIs simplify the development and deployment of custom applications, speeding up time-to-market for new innovations.
      • Improved Sandboxing and Testing: Better sandbox environments and testing tools facilitate smoother development processes, enabling developers to build and deploy applications more efficiently.

      9. Salesforce Customer 360 Enhancements:

      • Unified Customer Profiles: Improved capabilities for creating and managing comprehensive customer profiles integrate data from multiple sources for a 360-degree view. This enhancement enables organizations to gain deeper insights into their customers and deliver more personalized experiences.

      10. Sustainability Initiatives:

      • Net Zero Cloud Enhancements: New features help businesses track and reduce their carbon footprint, aligning with global sustainability goals. These enhancements support organizations in their efforts to operate sustainably and responsibly.

      The Bottom Line

      Salesforce Summer Release ’24 is more than just a collection of updates—it’s a blueprint for an inclusive future where technology empowers everyone to achieve more. With Gen AI laying the foundation, we are on a path toward a future where innovation knows no bounds and opportunities are accessible to all.

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