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      Field Service Lightning

      Simplify Your Field Operations With Field Service Booster

      Oct 26, 2022

      4 minute read

      Ask any field service manager, if they find field service management easy! The answer would probably be ‘NO.’

      When a company offers field services, they need to do it flawlessly for building brand loyalty and getting people to come back. Field agents work on the frontlines who interact with customers in-person. Customers want easy ways to get in touch with business and they expect their problems to be fixed right away.

      To meet customer expectations, it is vital for field service teams to have a connected field service strategy. It includes easy work order management, getting customer insights, and bridging gaps in the customer experience.

      That’s where Field Service (FS) steps in. So, what exactly is FSL, who uses it, and how does it increase the efficiency of customer support field operations and improve customer satisfaction? Let’s find out the answers.

      What is Field Service(FS)?

      Field Service (FS) is a powerful field service solution developed on Salesforce Service Cloud. FSL is all about real-time collaboration capabilities. This highly customizable solution empowers your customer service team with the most effective insights and tools all within a single platform. It includes guided safety protocols, knowledge articles, AI-powered scheduling, van inventory status, etc.

      Who Uses Salesforce FSL?

      FSL is used by specialized field service individuals, including:

      • Dispatchers who reply to “work orders” from customers like service calls. Their role is to assign the right people for the job based on their availability, closeness to site, and skills. They use a ‘Dispatcher console’ that helps them access all required information simultaneously.
      • Field Technicians who work in the field such as the installation team. They use Field Service mobile apps that help them make their operations smooth while they are on the field.
      • Service Agents who talk to customers when they ask for a service call-out. They work with a ‘Case’ in order to reach a resolution. They use ‘Service Console’ that meets all their service needs such as managing cases faster, seeing all details at once, etc.
      • Service Managers who keep an eye on the number of service calls, quality of service, and customer satisfaction. They use a combination of list views, Salesforce reports, and other Salesforce platform analytics.

      Field Service Use Cases

      In Manufacturing

      In discrete manufacturing, FSL helps in solving maintenance cases. Besides, it helps in:

      • Decreasing cost, building customer relationships, and running your field services smoothly
      • Increasing productivity by matching the right people to the right jobs
      • Easily manage dispatchers, service managers, and field technicians on one platform

      Financial Services

      FSL helps financial services providers to improve relationships with their clients by:

      • Reducing the complexity and cost of scheduling interactions with advisors
      • Delivering immediate response times and smarter dispatching by managing your onsite inspection services on one consolidated mobile-first platform
      • Giving your field underwriters easy set-by-step needs assessments and real-time access to the knowledge base of your firm. The connected view of clients across your financial firm gives a complete visibility into onsite visits

      Healthcare and Life Sciences

      In healthcare, FSL simplifies home visits. Besides, it:

      • Reduces cost by scheduling regular maintenance for complex medical devices so you can fix them before expensive repairs
      • Improves first-time fix rates for complex biomedical devices with relevant information and data in the mobile app
      • Improves Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) with resource management and more efficient appointment scheduling by managing appointments in the Dispatcher console
      • Simplifies the onsite inspection process by connecting all agents, managers, and dispatchers on one platform

      How Does FSL Increase the Efficiency of Customer Support Field Operations and Improve Customer Satisfaction?


      According to a Field Service News report [i], 77 percent of companies use an on-premise field solution. It limits their ability to resolve cases on the first try. Moreover, managers lack visibility across all customer touch points, which is critical for creating the 360-degree customer views. Field Service (FS) is a solution for all these challenges.

      Let’s have a look at how Salesforce FSL increases the efficiency of customer support field operations and improves customer satisfaction.

        • Managing Work Orders Through Dispatcher Console

      One of the most difficult tasks that field service teams face is scheduling service appointments and keeping track of their work orders. It becomes more difficult when service requests are made across channels such as chatbots, phone, email, etc. However, with FSL, all one site requests are sent directly to the dispatcher console, providing them a clear picture of customer needs, accounts, service contracts, and more.

        • Appointment Scheduling and Dispatching

      With smart appointment scheduling and dispatching, managers can assign jobs to mobile technicians based on their location, skills, and time. This makes things easier for managers and dispatchers and gives more confidence to the field workers while performing a specific task. FSL helps in making plans for the teams and when the right resources and technicians are properly scheduled, tasks are done more smoothly.

        • Equipping Mobile Resources

      FSL provides field workers an ability to give real-time updates on the task status to avoid any confusion and give regular updates to the managers and dispatchers. If the technician spends more than the usual time on their current task, the manager or dispatcher can change the schedule as needed.

        • Updated Service Reports

      Companies often miss out a lot of customer feedback that could help them analyze their customers’ needs and track performances of their resources. With service reports built right into the FSL mobile app, field agents can make a summary of their tasks and get customer feedback and signatures on the spot. The manager can look at these reports to track the performance of field agents and get ideas on improving quality of service over time.

        • Managing Inventory

      Salesforce Field Service helps managers and dispatchers see everything in stock and track how much each item has been used. It helps them keep track of how items are sold to the customers or supplied to field resources. The managers can ask for certain products to be restocked before they run out. Also, they can track the products moving from one place to another.

      Wrapping up

      Investing in FSL can help in streamlining the communication, inventory, scheduling, and more. At Grazitti, we have a certified team of Field Service experts who help you implement FSL in order to streamline your service business. To know more about our Salesforce Service Cloud solutions, click here.

      Want to Make the Most Out of Salesforce Field Service? Let’s Talk!

      Our Field Service experts would be happy to help you understand and implement FSL to your business. Want to know more, please write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

      Statistics References:

      (i) Salesforce

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