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      Streamlining the Ideation Process and Management in Salesforce Experience Cloud

      May 04, 2022

      3 minute read

      Ideas are what make businesses. In order to keep up with the needs of your customers, you need to incorporate new ideas, every now and then. But, the question is, how do you come up with the ultimate business idea?

      Organizations are actively encouraging employees to share their thoughts and views on improving services or product quality. Many companies are also making their customers a part of this idea-sharing process by providing them a platform to communicate and connect with people that share their interests. And, for the same reason, Salesforce offers the ‘Ideas’ component in Community Cloud.

      But, how can you effectively manage ideas in Salesforce? Before we move on to this, let us first get an insight into how ideas play an important role in the success of today’s business environment.

      Streamlining the Ideation Process and Management in Salesforce Experience Cloud

      The Business Importance of Ideas

      Ideas originate from customers and hold great power to enhance the overall business. When it comes to a successful business discussion or meeting, an idea can be a game-changer. Ideas from employees and customers not only enhance engagement but also provide transparency where customers can share and discuss openly. Incorporating ideas into the business model enables organizations to:

      • Improve Customer Engagement
      • Foster Product Innovation
      • Improve Business Transparency
      • Understand Customer Intent

      Ideas In Salesforce

      The Ideas component in Salesforce gives customers and employees the flexibility to share their opinions freely on your online community. End-users can –

      • Post ideas
      • Subscribe to favorite ideas
      • Vote for the most helpful idea

      However, Salesforce has its own challenges when it comes to idea management.

      • With the amount of information from both external and internal users, it can become difficult for users to find relevant ideas and perform an advanced search.
      • The Salesforce idea is currently unavailable in Lightning Experience, because of which users have to switch to Salesforce Classic every time they want to access ideas on their Salesforce Community, which can be quite a task.
      • Enabling ‘Email-to-Ideas’ conversion is also not possible in Lightning Experience (LEX).

      But as they say, “For every problem, there is a solution.”

      So, yes! You can easily access ideas in LEX! How, you ask?

      The Ways to Access Ideas in Salesforce

      By Customization
      This process includes heavy coding, which can slow down your system. Also, it may take a few weeks or even months, which is why it is less preferred by organizations.

      Through an App
      Users can also install a Salesforce-native application to access ideas easily. Installing an app is a more secure option as compared to customization. Also, it offers high-end flexibility and comes with features that can help manage ideas effectively.

      IdeasPro is a Salesforce-native app that helps streamline the entire idea management process in your Salesforce community. It ensures comprehensive and robust ideation solutions for your online communities.

      How Can IdeasPro Benefit Your Salesforce Community

      Packed with 20+ out-of-the-box functionalities, IdeasPro not only helps manage ideas in the Salesforce community but also empowers users with a number of other features. These include –

      Account Mapping
      It automatically maps user accounts with ideas they have created. Users can also keep a track of idea creation and management processes.

      Prevent Profanity
      It blocks and prevents posting any abusive comments or ideas.

      Merge Duplicate Ideas
      It allows systematic arrangement of ideas by merging duplicate or similar ideas under a parent idea.

      Deflect Ideas
      It prevents the creation of any duplicate idea.

      Convert Incoming Emails to Ideas
      It automatically converts the incoming emails into ideas and logs them into the Salesforce instance.

      Subscribe to Idea Categories
      It keeps the user notified about any update on the existing data in their subscribed category through the Idea Category Subscription feature.

      Add Multiple Attachments
      It allows users to add multiple attachments with an extended size limit.

      Wrapping Up

      In this blog post, we looked at how IdeasPro can help manage ideas in your Salesforce community. From innovation to driving business value, IdeasPro can benefit your online community in a number of ways.

      At Grazitti, we have built IdeasPro to help you manage ideas well in Salesforce. Effectively managed ideas in your Salesforce community will fuel growth and drive business value from your community, improve brand loyalty, and also ensure higher innovation and rapid ideation.

      To learn about IdeasPro in-depth, download this eBook.

      Want to Make Idea Management in Salesforce Smooth-Sailing? Let’s Talk!

      To explore how IdeasPro works in the real environment, schedule a 1:1 demo here. And, for any other questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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