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      Supercharge Your Magento Site With Advance Mini Cart Pro

      Feb 20, 2023

      4 minute read

      Online stores, globally, leverage Magento to manage their online retail operations.

      With 187,000+ active online stores, Magento is listed in the top 10 eCommerce platforms in 2023[i].

      And, its ability to scale as your business grows is what makes it a suitable solution for millions of businesses.

      But, how does Magento achieve that level of scalability? Enter-Magento Extensions.

      One such extension is Advance Mini Cart Pro.

      Let’s explore what exactly this extension is and how your Magento-powered online store can capitalize on all its benefits.

      Advance Mini Cart Pro 101 – The ‘What’ and ‘Why’

      Advance Mini Cart Pro is an out-of-the-box extension that makes the online shopping experience effortless for the users. It eliminates the need for your customers to visit the cart page by adding a customizable mini cart. This means your customers can access their cart items without having to navigate through the cart, resulting in a hassle-free checkout experience.

      This extension is equipped with exceptional features that boost your online store’s capabilities and optimizes the overall UX. These are-


      1. Upselling Recommendations: Default mini carts only offer the overall summary of the items added to the cart. Advance Mini Cart Pro, on the other hand, takes the checkout experience to the next level through product upsell. It enables your customers with relevant options and enriches their shopping experience. And, businesses can experience a boost in their sales.

      2. Manual or Automatic Products Upsell: Depending on your business requirements, add automatic or manual upsell recommendations with this extension. For an automatic list, define the conditions for the upsell list while a manual list requires you to choose the upsell products manually.

      3. Promotional Messaging: Add personalization to your customers’ mini cart and fetch maximum conversions. This extension enables you to add promotional messaging regarding the latest offers you’re running effortlessly. And, display it when they’re shopping to elevate their shopping experience.

      4. Customizable Mini Cart: With the Mini Cart extension in your corner, you can easily customize its UI. So, make your mini shopping cart look more visually appealing that complements your branding by using color picker functionality. Moreover, you can add a carousel for the upsell products and make it user-friendly.

      5. Automatic Mini Cart Pop-Up: Having to navigate to the cart after adding items in the cart just to check if it has been added is inconvenient. Advance Mini Cart Pro eliminates this by automatically opening the mini cart whenever a new product is added. This way, your customers don’t lose track of their cart while shopping and get a seamless shopping experience.

      6. Access and Edit Mini Cart Items: Mini cart is not limited to just displaying the items in the cart. Instead, it enables your customers to comfortably add or remove items.

      7. Swift Checkout: With all this included, the extension enables your customers with a seamless checkout experience. Hence, the minimal friction in your buyers’ journey, you’ll experience maximum conversions and higher ROI.

      Why Grazitti’s Advance Mini Cart Pro?

      Now that you know the core functionalities of the Advance Mini Cart Pro extension, learn how it will help you derive business value. This extension will not only empower your customers with a convenient mini cart but also help you boost your overall online store experience.

      Let’s learn how.

      Enhanced Shopping Experience

      With a noticeable mini cart on the left corner, it is a pretty accessible feature for your customer. It keeps your customers informed about the products they’ve added to the cart throughout their buying journey without visiting the default cart. Moreover, your customers can add or remove products from the mini cart swiftly. Having said that, they witness a swift checkout process with minimal friction contributing to an elevated shopping experience. Needless to say, most of your customers would be back for the pleasing experience that you offer.

      Highly Compatible

      This extension is a plug-and-play solution that requires no outside assistance to complete the installation with basic Magento knowledge. This carefully devised extension is compatible with Magento 2.3 and 2.4. Moreover, it supports all prominent web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

      Competitive Edge

      On average, upselling increases revenue by 10-30%[ii]. Another study suggests that 77%[iii] of brands agree that CX is a competitive differentiator. And, Advance Mini Cart Pro equips your online store with just that to offer you leverage over other businesses.

      Magento is rapidly growing as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and shaping the future of the eCommerce industry.

      Equipped with greater scope for scalability with a wide range of extensions available, it becomes challenging to pick the right one. But when equipped with the right extensions, your Magento site can reap the desired results. So, it is wise to evaluate the core functionalities and business value they offer before implementing an extension to your Magento site.

      Understand Advance Mini Cart Pro Better. Talk to Us!

      Team Grazitti is experienced in building robust and scalable Magento-powered online stores. To know more about our Magento expertise, write to us at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.


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      [ii] Ecommerce Upselling: A Step-By-Step Guide To Increasing Sales
      [iii] Top 40+ customer experience statistics you need to know in 2023

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