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      The Growing Impact of Online Communities in the Healthcare Industry

      Mar 12, 2021

      3 minute read

      The emergence of online communities has transformed the way the healthcare industry used to function. With digitization, patients, today, no longer have to wait to get medical attention. The combination of healthcare and online communities has made it easier for consumers to experience instant query resolution as and when required.

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      Statistics say that search drives 3x more visitors to hospital sites as compared to non-search. Websites that offer support and useful information to patients are the most popular and drive maximum traffic.

      Online communities are an ideal source for consumers to access information in the form of blogs, advice, forums, and much more. A community not only expedites the traditional methods of providing healthcare but is also a strong engagement tool that drives business growth.

      Let’s take a look at the impact of online communities on the healthcare industry in detail.

      Why are Online Health Communities Important?

      Online health communities provide a platform for individuals to engage, look for answers to queries, and get diligent medical support and advice. Conversely, these are a convenient medium for healthcare professionals to reach out to their patients and provide quality healthcare services.

      Technological advancements have had a significant impact on the traditional healthcare system. In combination with the increased usage of the internet, individuals today rely on online communities for health and wellness education.

      Research suggests that around 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate healthcare service providers. Consumers access healthcare communities to find related and reliable information. Patients can connect with medical professionals almost instantly and get authentic medical assistance. They can also cite their experiences, exchange knowledge, and review services via these communities.

      4 Key Benefits of Online Healthcare Communities

      Online healthcare via communities has become a vital part of the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Medical professionals can reach out to their patients better using online communities and provide holistic healthcare. An online healthcare community:

      1. Improves Accessibility: Members can easily get access to commercial, public, and government healthcare resources using online communities. All information is practically just a click away. Through interactive healthcare communities, members get psychological support (emotional and motivational) as well as timely wellness advice. The biggest advantage of these communities is the availability of user-generated content in the form of suggestions, opinions, and advice which makes it a highly accessible and informative medium.

      2. Eliminates Geographical Constraints: Online healthcare communities eliminate geographical bounds making it easier for practitioners to come together and collaborate on new findings, breakthroughs, research, and specific topics. Members also get the advantage of consulting preferred healthcare providers without actually visiting them.

      3. Boosts Engagement: Since discussions on healthcare communities are around specific topics, members take more interest in participating which leads to increased engagement and contribution. As a result, the engagement ratio in these communities is much higher in comparison to other social channels. Members resonate with each other more on such platforms which creates an emotional bond between them and helps them with decision-making, leading to consistent engagement.

      4. Generates Awareness: For many individuals, the internet is their “go-to” resource when they have to look up a health issue. This is where the role of online healthcare communities comes into play. Users can find useful information related to their queries and get genuine advice from fellow members. It is a powerful medium to educate users and spread awareness regarding general and specific health-related topics.

      Interacting with patients through online communities will not only help in quicker resolution of queries but will also help in winning their trust, ultimately leading to business growth.

      Online healthcare communities are a dynamic way of bridging the gap between healthcare service providers and seekers. It is a strong medium that can be effectively used to generate healthcare-related awareness, connect with members on an emotional level, and provide comprehensive health reports.

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