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      The Rise of eLearning in Australia and New Zealand

      Nov 04, 2022

      4 minute read

      eLearning has shown significant growth over the last few years, as the internet has given new opportunities to people to gain new skills. And the COVID-19 outbreak has made online learning even more centric in people’s lives.

      In fact, it has seriously challenged the traditional education business model and forced institutions to rapidly pivot to digital learning to meet the needs of all learners.

      In this blog post, let’s discuss the rise of online learning in Australia and New Zealand in detail and how it can help improve operations and students’ experiences.

      Ready? Let’s go!

      The Rise of Online Learning in Australia and New Zealand

      The COVID-19 crisis has brought a paradigm shift in our learning patterns. Lessons that were previously taught in the four walls of classrooms have now shifted to screens.

      Moreover, individuals are being encouraged to use their spare time to learn new skills from the comfort of their homes and upskill themselves to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic.

      A lot of EDtech companies in Australia and New Zealand have launched eLearning platforms to keep up with the trend.

      According to research, Australia’s online education market stood at around $5 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 8% by 2026 on account of technological advancements, eager learners, and increasing penetration of smart devices.

      And why not! Digital learning enables self-paced learning without hampering your work regime. Also, the increased demand for user-friendly, secure, and convenient methods to learn and study is further fueling growth in the online education market.

      And the improvement in IT security and implementation of cloud-based solutions enables people to enjoy a smooth learning experience on safe and secure platforms.

      Besides, technological advancements, like AI, are also expected to boost the growth rate of eLearning. Personalized learning paths, advanced analytics to evaluate performance, chatbots, and virtual tutors to support learners are some of the ways AI is transforming the eLearning industry.

      Here are some tips to create an effective and engaging eLearning platform.

      Tips To Build a Successful eLearning Platform

      The Rise of eLearning in Australia and New Zealand

      Provide Value to Learners

      Today, we live in a world that’s changing so quickly that skills that were valued a couple of years ago are no longer relevant. Thus, the biggest challenge for learners is to find out what skills are emerging, what they should be learning, and what they can do to stand out from the rest.

      Creating an eLearning platform that helps address these challenges for your learners will definitely be a hit.

      Also, it’s important to keep in mind that different people perceive information differently. So, providing a variety of content on your platform will help improve user engagement on your platform.

      Partner With Reputed Teachers

      Great content alone is not enough to provide a valuable learning experience to your audience. You need to pair the content with reputable teachers who are experienced in what they do and help keep students engaged and interested.

      What’s more, experienced and reputed teachers not only play the role of guiding students but also inspire them to complete their courses and make the most of them.

      Generate Revenue by Monetizing It

      When planning to build an eLearning platform, you also need to know how to monetize it.

      Basically, there are three types of revenue models you can choose from:

      • Night School Model: It is a classic business model where a learner pays a one-time fee to access the course content. The courses under this model follow a fixed framework that includes learning modules, assessments, quizzes, or examinations to test a student’s skills.

        This revenue model is suitable for new businesses that wish to generate cash flow through the subscriptions and sale of courses. It is also suitable for businesses with high-value courses.

      • Academy Model: It’s a subscription-based model, where the eLearning platform operates as a virtual school. Some of the features of this model include live questions answers, support groups, and one-on-one sessions with the instructor.

        One of the greatest advantages of this model is that it ensures a constant cash flow through subscription fees. Moreover, as you gain more subscribers, your revenue increases as well.

      • Combined Model: A combined model is the integration of the “Night School Model” and “Academy Model”. It offers the benefits of both subscription-based as well as standalone courses with one-time fee.

        For example, you can use the academy model as a primary offering and offer add-on courses in the night school model. This model is the right fit for businesses that have a learner base with diverse interests.

      Offer Certificates and Honors

      Learners usually look for skills and knowledge that are backed by verified certificates. Certifications are considered incentives for students. A certificate is a proof that the student has a credible accreditation and can be used to get a promotion, a job, or even higher salary.

      Moreover, it adds value and credibility to your online course.

      Thus, it’s crucial to provide your students with certificates on the completion of the course.

      Apply Minimalist Design

      The UX of your website is the first thing that your visitors notice. A well-designed UX can greatly influence the effectiveness of your courses.

      Research shows that user interface and interaction design have a direct influence on how well your users learn.

      Using a minimalist design for your eLearning platform help your students focus on and then remember what they really need to instead of getting distracted.

      Therefore, it is important that your website has easy to use interface, a simple page layout, soft tones, and carefully placed elements.

      Feedback and Ratings

      Student feedback is a crucial part of an eLearning platform as it lets you know their thoughts and challenges they are facing. With the help of this feature, you can refine your courses for a better user experience.

      Except for integrating ratings and feedback sessions in your eLearning platform, you can also create a questionnaire survey using the quiz feature. You can just create a quiz asking them about their experience with your platform and suggest areas of improvement.

      This will give you valuable insights and improve your eLearning space.

      How Grazitti Can Help?

      At Grazitti, we offer a complete package of eLearning solutions including SCORM packaging, LMS and learning portals, course designs, quizzes, and localization leveraging rapid eLearning authoring tools.

      Our technology stack includes Moodle, WordPress, and Joomla which allows us to build projects of any complexity with all necessary functionality. If you want to enter the eLearning market and build your own unique online learning marketplace, get in touch with us now!

      Want to Build a Feature-Rich eLearning Platform? Contact Us!

      Our web developers can help you build a scalable and feature-rich eLearning platform that fits your business needs.

      Should you have any more questions, drop us an email at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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