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      Top 4 Reasons for Support Professionals to Attend Dreamforce 2018

      Aug 21, 2018

      3 minute read

      Dreamforce ‘18 is going to be bigger than ever. 187 of the more than 2,700 sessions will be for people in “Service & Support” roles. For anyone in support, the sheer number of sessions is a compelling reason to fly to San Francisco in September.

      Top 4 Reasons to Attend Dreamforce 2018 for Service Professionals 4 Reasons Everyone in Support Should Attend Dreamforce ’18

      1. About 200 Sessions for People in Support

      How can you integrate AI in support processes? (Gartner)

      Can Einstein be used to enhance customer experience? (Salesforce)

      How can you identify the resume of an ideal contact center agent? (Bright Horizons, Salesforce, and SPS Commerce)

      What shape will support assume in healthcare where “no-see physicians and high patient expectations” are fast becoming the norm? (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Salesforce, and Ashfield Healthcare)

      These and other questions will be answered at close to 200 sessions for people in support roles. Browse the complete list of sessions for service professionals and book your place.

      2. Sponsors Showcasing the Future of Support

      If you have been in support for more than a few years, you can appreciate the impact social has had on the profession.

      Assisting customers through Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms was practically unheard of 15 years ago. Fast forward to 2018, a large chunk of B2C (and some B2B) companies allow customers to seek help through social channels.

      The industry took a more than a decade to come to terms with social. The next seismic shift—powered by AI, integration, and host of other technologies—is not going to take that long.

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      In 2018 alone, Salesforce has acquired four AI companies. Grazitti’s Salesforce-Jira Connector has broken the barriers between support and engineering departments in a number of organizations. The pace of change is fast.

      Are you prepared for these changes?

      A glance at the technologies on exhibition at Dreamforce ‘18 is going to give you a fair idea of what direction the support industry is heading, and prepare yourself for the change.

      3. Networking Opportunities

      Share best practices and benefit from the experiences of other people in support during the event and after-hour parties. It is going to be quite a journey.

      At Dreamforce ‘18, you can learn how support works in real estate, robotics, IT, healthcare, and other industries. Hearing about the latest trends and make valuable connections for four days will fill your mind with ideas which you can note down and share with your workmates.

      4. Training and Certifications at a Discount

      Perhaps, 10 out of 100 times you will stumble upon a customer issue that no amount of online search will solve. Those occasions will require you to dive into your own expertise or consult an SME but those will exactly be the occasions that will define your career trajectory.

      Equip yourself with the expertise that will blossom your career.

      Dreamforce ‘18 will offer you 30 opportunities. At the Moscone Center in September, you can enroll into any of the heavily discounted seven trainings or lap onto one of the 23 certification exam offerings.

      You can be a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant for as little as $99.

      More than 180,000 people will be at the Moscone Center in September. We hope that we have given something to assist you navigate your way during the four-day craziness called Dreamforce ‘18. For more assistance, write to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, [email protected] or visit us at booth number 1740.

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