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      Top 5 Salesforce1 Apps to Boost Your Sales Productivity

      Mar 15, 2016

      3 minute read

      In any industry, the sales team has a crucial role in increasing revenues and achieving business goals. Salesforce offers 800+ sales apps on AppExchange, which can help you streamline your sales process, thus making your sales team more efficient at generating leads, winning opportunities, and closing more deals. In this post, we’ve shortlisted some powerful sales apps that are must have for your sales team to be more productive:

      1. Conga Composer: Conga Composer, the most popular app on Salesforce AppExchange, helps sales reps to easily streamline their sales process.

      CongaComposerImage credit:

      Conga Composer makes it easy to:

      • Create and send essential documents, presentations and reports using Salesforce data by filling rich templates with data
      • Create and distribute reports automatically by integrating with your existing Salesforce workflow
      • Automate business processes by predefining templates, email recipients, activity logging, and output file storage
      • Cirrus Insight: Cirrus Insight lets you seamlessly integrate your inbox with Salesforce and keep a track of emails, meetings, and reminders.

      CirrusInsightImage credit:

      It empowers you to:

      • Update leads, contacts, accounts from Gmail
      • Track all the emails you send by receiving notifications each time an email or a link in it is opened
      • Book meetings from Gmail, save emails and attachments to Salesforce, sync your calendar with Salesforce, schedule emails to send later and set follow-up reminders
      • ScanBizCards: It is a complete contact management app which allows business card scanning and one-click export to Salesforce.

      ScanBizCardsImage credit:

      It allows you to:

      • Transform a business card into actionable information within your contacts
      • Sync and access business cards on all devices, and create a profile of the contact
      • Directly export cards to Salesforce, SugarCRM, Oracle Fusion etc.
      • DocuSign: A digital transaction management software, DocuSign facilitates instant sending, signing, and managing of business documents from any device.

      DocuSignItImage credit:

      With DocuSign, you can:

      • Upload files of various formats from desktop, thus reducing paperwork and accelerating sales
      • Streamline data entry by automatically updating Salesforce objects from signed documents
      • Send documents and contracts to recipients for signing without them having to download anything
      • ZakCalendar: The first calendar app for Salesforce1, which lets sales and marketing teams create, edit, and sync events on-the-go.

      ZakCalendarImage credit:

      ZackCalendar empowers you to:

      • Stay up-to-date with your schedule and display events of the logged users
      • Create and view upcoming events
      • Edit and reschedule events instantly

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