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      Video Marketing: Why It’s Crucial For B2B Marketers

      May 26, 2022

      4 minute read

      The demand for valuable and perceptible content is at an all-time high!

      When it comes to promoting your business online, static images alone won’t cut it for today’s new-age customers.

      Did you know that 74% of marketers agree that video has a better ROI than static imagery?[i]


      Yes, video marketing is what’s hot right now and the tech giants know it. While it’s no secret that video marketing is a key component of any marketing strategy, very few marketers are familiar with how powerful it can be and how much more attention it can garner for your business.

      However, there is still that same problem in the marketing world of being behind the eight ball when it comes to knowing why videos are worth spending money on. So, in this blog post, we’ll talk about B2B video marketing, its benefits, and how it creates value for your targeted audience.

      So, let’s get started.

      What is B2B Video Marketing?

      In B2B marketing, you’re marketing to buyers and not customers. These aren’t your everyday consumers that want a new dishwasher or vacuum cleaner; these are likely some of the most sophisticated buyers in the world.

      This is where having a website with comprehensive content becomes crucial. It’s where you will have to do more than just creating a static website with no video content.

      B2B marketing has two aspects – brand building and sales activation. While brand building is a long-term strategy to target an audience unaware of your brand, sales activation is a short-term strategy that targets potential buyers.

      And this is where B2B video marketing comes in as it provides marketers with both short and long-term benefits.

      Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

      Let’s see some popular benefits of B2B video marketing.


      1. Increases Conversion Rate

      When you use video to deliver your marketing message, you can expect a higher conversion rate than while using other forms of content. As video content is more engaging and drives more customers in, it prompts them to click on your CTAs.

      2. Adds Credibility

      When you’re sharing your brand message through video content, you are adding a lot of credibility to the messages that you want to share with your audience.

      Also, storytelling does wonders for credibility. As a marketer, it is important that you understand how to tell stories to establish brand credibility.

      3. Enhances the On-Boarding Experience

      Using video content in your B2B marketing strategy will help you reduce bounce rate and increase the on-site time. This is because people are more likely to engage with video content and spend more time watching them on a site rather than plain text or audio. This will help you to improve the average time a user spends on your website.

      4. Strengthens Your Brand Message

      It’s very important to realize that your videos will deliver your message to a large audience. To strengthen your brand message, you can introduce influencers in your videos and leverage their huge social network. As a result, your brand message will be stronger as compared to other forms of content.

      5. Promotes Your Blog

      Videos can be used to promote a blog post or a blog series. You can even repurpose previous blog posts to provide users with valuable content. By sharing main points in short, engaging videos, your blog content can reach a wide range of audiences.

      6. Boosts Your Site’s SEO

      A video can contain keywords within the text and the title, which make your web pages rank higher in search engines. That’s because a video can be informative and relevant to a search topic. The more relevant your web pages are to specific searches, the higher they’ll rank in search engine results (SERPs).

      7. Performs Well on All Devices

      Video content can be shared and viewed by anyone, on any device. It is a universally accessible format, and your company might have a better chance of gaining greater exposure and sales if you create a video of your product or service.

      8. Boosts Email Marketing

      Video marketing can pull double duty for your email marketing. Videos are a great way to build trust with your audience, and help demonstrate that you’re interested in them. This trust can boost your chances of getting a click-through rate, which will help your email marketing efforts.

      9. Saves Time

      Video content is much shorter than only text-based content types and can be streamed, in real-time, which means it’s much easier to create and share it. It can then be marketed and shared through any of your social media channels.

      10. Makes Information Easy-To-Grasp

      Video’s ease of use can make it an effective tool for teaching key concepts and promoting company values. Video content gives viewers the best chance of retaining information, as they are more likely to retain more if they receive it in a visually compelling way.

      Wrapping Up

      More than ever before, people are watching videos. They’ve seen them in the past and video engagement is likely to increase in the future. So, it’s the right time to get started with B2B video marketing as it delivers your marketing message to a wider audience and brings better traction.

      Want To Know How Video Adds Value to Your Marketing Campaigns? Let’s Talk!

      It’s time to put some time and effort into your marketing strategy! Should you need any help in targeting the right audience for your brand, fret not, team Grazitti can help. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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      [i] Biteable

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