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      Why Product Managers Should Start Using Salesforce Service Cloud As Well

      Aug 28, 2018

      2 minute read

      Despite being widely touted as the ultimate solution for professionals in support, Salesforce Service Cloud can be useful for product managers as well.

      Think about it.

      What is it that you are trying to achieve as a product manager?

      Something like… building a spectacular product that will delight your customers, or probably making your existing products addictive?

      Isn’t that the reason you spend most of your time identifying your customers’ needs, and brainstorming along the lines of “What should go inside your product, and what should not”?

      Don’t you spend enormous amounts of time and money in conducting focus groups and talking to customers?


      You do all of that because you want to access the voice of the customer, which is hidden somewhere in the Salesforce Service Cloud org that your colleagues in the support team are using.

      The information stored in a Service Cloud org can be a gold mine of ideas for product teams, and that is the reason product managers should start considering Salesforce Service Cloud among one of their tools as well.

      A typical Service Cloud org stores:

      • Customer behavior (needs)
      • Customer concerns (bugs)
      • Survey results (support teams usually conduct surveys)
      • Customer demands (features they want and updates they need)

      By starting to work with Salesforce Service Cloud as well, you can have firsthand knowledge of what your customers ask. Such information can help you prioritize work, deliver solutions, and reduce churn.

      Using Service Cloud does not mean investing in a new Salesforce subscription. You can keep Jira (which is an excellent tool for product managers) and still access customer feedback straight from Salesforce Service Cloud.

      The key lies in implementing a connector, such as Sinergify, that will allow you to:

      • Respond to customer issues
      • Assist support agents
      • Produce detailed reports on crucial customer support metrics
      • Understand the needs and desires of customers
      • Prioritize features in the product roadmap (for product managers)
      • Reduce bugs in your upcoming releases

      All the while staying inside Jira.

      The benefits will be immense, including:

      • By keeping your ear to the ground, you can detect new trends before your competitors and direct the future development of your product.
      • You can deliver value through superior features and experiences.
      • You can hit milestones and boost revenue.

      Still Not Convinced?

      Sinergify is free to use for up to 100 transactions a day. Click here to kickstart your lifetime free trial.

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