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      Why SharePoint Is the Right Platform for Intranet Development?

      Dec 13, 2022

      3 minute read

      The modern-day workplaces are all about communication through desktops and laptops. And the intranet has become the holistic digital workplace solution. It boosts top-down communication, engages employees, enhances productivity, manages projects, increases collaboration, and much more.

      However, when it comes to setting up the intranet, the platform you choose determines how successful it’s going to be.

      The right Intranet platform is a one-stop solution for information, communications, tools, and applications, making your digital workplace a success.

      Enters SharePoint!

      A SharePoint intranet is a flexible collaboration platform that has rich communication, content, project and employee management features. It is an ideal platform for mid-size and large organizations to facilitate employee collaboration and nurture corporate culture.

      Wondering what are the benefits of SharePoint Intranet? Let’s walk you through it!

      Why SharePoint Is the Right Platform for Intranet Development?

      Here are some reasons that make SharePoint a great choice for your intranet development:

      Why SharePoint Is the Right Platform for Intranet Development?

      Extensive Range of Features

      SharePoint offers a wide variety of features including task management, asset library, document management, and security information management.

      These features provide a seamless experience for your organization in regard to storing, sharing, and managing information.

      Furthermore, the features offered by SharePoint ensure that the developers do not have to write scripts to integrate different functionalities. Developers get everything in one place and can use customization to fit specific business requirements, saving a lot of time and effort.

      Office 365 Integrations

      SharePoint is now a part of the Office 365 suite and offers a variety of in-built features and functionalities.

      Some of the tools include OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Skype for Business, Yammer, Delve, etc.

      Businesses can leverage SharePoint as Intranet to enhance business processes using Power Automate and reporting using Power BI within the Intranet.

      Additionally, new features in Office 365 are offered to SharePoint online customers regularly at no extra cost. So, you do not have to wait for the SharePoint on-premise versions to be introduced.

      Still, wondering why SharePoint is the preferred Intranet Platform? Give this blog a quick read!

      Content Targeting and Customization

      Personalization capabilities are vital components of the Intranet platform. SharePoint allows you to personalize your digital workplace and leverage easy integration with active directory profiles.

      The modern intranet solution provides you with an opportunity to segment content into different groups on the basis of division, location, functions, or seniority level. This means that different customized content can be placed together, targeting individual employees.

      It even allows users to subscribe to different topics of interest.

      Excellent Document Management

      The robust document and library capabilities offered by SharePoint help businesses achieve excellent knowledge management, collaboration, etc.

      You can easily integrate SharePoint libraries into your Intranet platform to provide easy access to documents.

      The document management capabilities extend beyond the document lifecycle. With SharePoint, you get everything, from the version history to check-in/check-out to seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite, all in one place.

      You can also ditch the hassle of email trails with SharePoint intranet as it lets you edit and co-author documents easily.

      Highly Scalable and Flexible

      SharePoint platform offers top-notch flexibility and adaptability. You can easily set up your digital workplace solution with a variety of capabilities including:

      • Content Management
      • Collaboration
      • Internal Communication
      • Employee Engagement
      • Enterprise Search

      … and more.

      As your business priorities change, so do the functionalities of SharePoint. Microsoft constantly improves the platform by introducing new features and updates to deliver a well-crafted experience.

      Collaboration and Social Features

      SharePoint is no longer a rigid and static platform that can be used only on-premises.

      With a plethora of collaboration and social features, the evolvement of Yammer, “Follow” features, and Office 365 tools, the SharePoint intranet has become an interactive social system.

      You can actively engage employees and provide them with a fun experience with social aspects attached to it.

      Even though SharePoint cannot act as a social media tool, it provides functionalities like personal profiles, interests, job function details, team, etc. to improve employee engagement.

      Wrapping Up

      SharePoint keeps on evolving to improve the intranet experience. It rolls out new features and upgrades, functionalities, and tools to boost internal communications, employee engagement, and collaborations, making SharePoint the go-to choice for organizations.

      Want to Build a Robust Intranet Platform With SharePoint? Contact Us!

      Our SharePoint seasoned professionals can help you build a robust and feature-rich Intranet platform that your employees will love.

      Should you have any more queries, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will take care of the rest.

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