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      Why Should You Move Your Salesforce CPQ to Permission Set License (PSL) Before Winter ‘21 Release

      Nov 01, 2021

      2 minute read

      Your Salesforce CPQ instance might not get upgraded upon the go-live of the upcoming Salesforce release – Winter ‘21. Why, you ask?

      This can happen if you haven’t already switched your Salesforce CPQ instance from Manager Package License (MPL) to Permission Set License (PSL).

      As a part of Salesforce’s Winter ’21 release, any organization with Salesforce CPQ or Advanced Approval packages would be required to make updates to their system including licenses, permission sets, and profiles.

      Non-compliance with these changes will result in your CPQ Org not being updated. If you’re wondering when your Org will be transitioned, you can check it out on

      How is the Winter ‘21 Release Going to Change Your CPQ Experience?

      Starting with the Winter ’21 release, user licenses will be granted via Permission Set License (PSL) in Salesforce CPQ.

      The process, however, doesn’t take long if done correctly and under the assistance of someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the process.

      The process starts with running the readiness report first to determine who needs a Permission Set License. Pulling this report will help you learn the number of users per category like CPQ Managed Package Licenses Provisioned, CPQ Managed Package Licenses Assigned, Users with CPQ Permission Sets Assigned, CPQ Permission Set Licenses Provisioned, and CPQ Permission Set Licenses Assigned.

      After resolving the errors shown in the report, implement the readiness check and re-run the assigned licenses tool.

      Once the Permission Set License is assigned correctly, you must then review the profile-level accesses. In the future, admins will not be able to use Profiles to grant CPQ object permissions.

      Is it That Straightforward?

      In theory, yes. But practically it won’t be that straightforward a process. There are certain actions that could potentially complicate the process if not followed correctly. For example:


      Not just that but assigning licenses could also give you trouble. How, you ask? Well, during the process, you might come across a greyed-out ‘Assign Licenses’ button. This is a pretty common issue.

      If the button is greyed out and you are unable to click on it, make sure that the terms have been accepted. To make the button actionable, ensure that the user report file has been reviewed. The other scenarios where the Assign Licenses tool does not appear include:


      So, if you don’t have a CPQ Admin or someone in your organization with an extensive understanding of Salesforce CPQ, this process can be troublesome.

      But completing this process is extremely important and you must be ready prior to the Winter ’21 release.

      Need help with making your Salesforce CPQ PSL compliant? Let’s talk.

      Our certified Salesforce maestros would be happy to assist you wherever you are in your Salesforce CPQ journey. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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