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      Harness Value from JavaScript Quote Calculator Plugin into Salesforce CPQ

      Oct 05, 2020

      2 minute read

      More often than not, the productivity of sales people is put under the microscope. A recent Salesforce survey found that most sales reps spend more time managing CRM tools than selling.

      Quote generation is one aspect that requires extensive manual effort, causing click fatigue and hampering the overall sales cycle and productivity.

      However, Salesforce CPQ has enabled sales people to create quotes easily. As much as it eases the sales process, it comes with its own set of limitations where sales reps spend a huge amount of time in adding lines and bundles to opportunities and pushing them through the pipeline.

      A Success Story

      One of our clients shared the same concern about the inefficiency of their sales team in generating quotes in CPQ with click fatigue being a major concern. Especially, where the pricing was not straightforward or there was large data to process, the CPQ process became complicated. It involved multiple challenges including:

      1. Use of multiple clicks while adding lines or bundles to the quote
      2. Extensive manual work especially in the case of bulk data records and complex pricing
      3. Inability to create quotes for customers involving a set of products

      The Solution We Implemented

      Salesforce CPQ

      Our Salesforce CPQ experts configured JavaScript Quote Calculator Plugin (QCP) to automate CPQ Quote Line Editor to help them:

      1. Calculate the total price for all components in a quote line
      2. Calculate values and store maximum values
      3. Ease complicated product-bundling guidelines or conditional and complex pricing logic
      4. Improve the existing Salesforce CPQ pricing configurations
      5. Enhance flexibility in managing pricing and fields during the quote calculation sequence

      The Outcome We Witnessed

      By using JavaScript QCP in Salesforce CPQ, the client was able to:

      • Add lines and bundles in the quote without having to configure it in the Quote Line Editor. The sales reps were able to create bundles or lines with a single click.
      • Automate multiple steps and manual work of the sales reps in creating quotes, lines, and bundles involving large data and complex pricing.
      • Streamline the quoting process and reduce financial risk in the sales cycle.
      • Enhance the sales reps’ ability to do their job easily and accurately.

      As a result, the sales reps could deliver quotes effectively and efficiently without spending extensive time on changing scenarios like discount percentage, quantity, adding lines, etc.

      With the ever-evolving business environment, JavaScript Quote Calculator Plugin in Salesforce CPQ gives you the flexibility you need to respond to that change.

      Need help with the JavaScript Quote Calculator Plugin in Salesforce CPQ? Talk to us!

      Grazitti Interactive is a trusted Salesforce CPQ consulting and services provider for various global companies including 100+ Silicon Valley brands. If you are looking to present technically viable quotes to your customers, drop us a line at [email protected].

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