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      Salesforce Revenue Cloud

      Win at Delivering Superior CX With Salesforce Revenue Cloud

      Oct 21, 2022

      4 minute read

      Price and quality only get you into the game, it is the customer experience that wins it.

      Today, B2B customers have access to more channels, more brands, and basically more of everything than ever before.

      These buyers increasingly expect quick and flexible purchasing options, responsiveness at every touchpoint, and the ability to make purchase decisions on their own terms.

      However, delivering this can be a tall order when revenue management practices are fragmented across siloed teams, processes, systems, and stakeholders.

      The time for technology to accelerate revenue generation, unify processes, and provide customers with frictionless CX is now.

      And that’s why Salesforce unveiled Revenue Cloud in late 2020!

      In this crisp read, we’ll learn more about Salesforce Revenue Cloud and how it enables brands to deliver seamless CX.

      101 of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

      Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a suite of solutions that allows your business to unify sales, partners, operations, and finance departments, so you can take full control of your revenue growth.

      As a part of the Customer 360-degree platform, the capabilities of Revenue Cloud include:

      • CPQ and Billing
      • B2B Commerce
      • Partner Relationship Management Program (PRM)

      9 Ways Salesforce Revenue Cloud Amplifies Your CX Game

      9 Ways Salesforce Revenue Cloud Amplifies Your CX Game

      B2B buyers are more likely to select a brand if they shift to a digital-first buying experience, understand their buying preferences, accelerate transaction speed, and improve customer service.

      And Revenue Cloud makes it all easy. It enables brands to unify their sales, partner, operations, and finance teams to create a single source of truth for revenue.

      It gives clarity of the entire revenue cycle from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition so that brands can provide customers with a frictionless buying experience.

      Let’s look at 9 ways Salesforce Revenue Cloud can drive the B2B revenue process and amp the overall buying experience.

      1. Automate Your Quote-to-Cash Processes: Revenue Cloud enables you to improve forecasting and get a better view of your revenue recognition by:

      • Generating accurate proposals
      • Creating higher-quality contracts
      • Managing contracts renewals and updates in real-time
      • Collecting your cash faster

      2. Accelerate Revenue Generation: With automated features of the Revenue Cloud, you can:

      • Eliminate complex manual processes
      • Get transcription of orders from one system to another
      • Go for data reconciliation

      Its Customer Asset Lifecycle Management tool takes out the hassle of manual downloading of dated order forms. Instead, you get a Visual Dashboard that shows everything the customers have purchased and track all your contracts. This equips you with a better understanding of customer interactions and enables you to identify how to deliver a better customer experience.

      3. Simplify Integration: With the Salesforce Revenue Cloud in your corner, you don’t need separate integration and manual processes at each stage of the customer’s journey. Each ‘Quote’ and ‘Order’ made in Salesforce is converted into subscriptions and invoices when needed. This eliminates the need for syncing multiple financial aspects related to invoices, account balances, and subscription types.

      4. Generate More Revenue Streams: Offering subscription pricing is a key strategy for B2B brands. And this becomes easier with the Revenue Cloud’s Vlocity feature that offers industry-specific solutions for unique revenue-related workflows. With its Multi-Cloud Billing capability, you can create revenue streams from other Salesforce Cloud suites on a single Salesforce Customer 360 platform. This enhanced invoicing and payment visibility across various functions within Salesforce expands billing beyond CPQ across multiple channels.

      5. Improve Buying Experience: Salesforce Revenue Cloud CPQ enables customers with a holistic view of your products and services. They can add the cart with products of their choice, ask for a discount, or ask questions directly from your sales reps. The reps would have the entire product history at their fingertips and they can complete the transaction as per the customers’ unique preferences in a jiff. Thus, enabling you to delight your customers with a buying experience like no other.

      Also, the CPQ-B2B Commerce Connector enables businesses to create digital storefronts with carts for a superior self-service experience.

      6. Simplify Subscription Management: With Subscription Management in Salesforce Revenue Cloud, you can deliver unified customer experiences built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. This would enable customers to manage their entire subscription journey and use a preferred self-service channel.

      7. Smarter Strategies: With Salesforce Revenue Cloud, partners can offer preference-based discounts to their customers. And to take things up a notch, they can add Salesforce CPQ’s powers to set up branded portals.

      Also, you can customize your own billing engines to ensure better customer satisfaction. Coupled with the benefits of automated billing and invoice systems, and tracking of multiple clouds on a single platform, you’d be on your way to providing seamless customer experiences.

      8. Better Data Visibility: With Salesforce Revenue Cloud, the entire revenue journey is visible and open to reporting, based on information across CPQ, billing, delivery, and management. Since all aspects are handled on a single platform, it makes it simpler to identify trends or challenges. As a result, the impact on the bottom line is higher.

      9. Powerful Extensions: Salesforce Revenue Cloud comes with powerful extensions available in AppExchange. You can use any of them to better manage the entire revenue lifecycle.

      Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides you the edge you need to connect customer and revenue lifecycles and deliver faster, easier, and more intelligent buying experiences.

      Want to Make Your Buying Processes Faster and Accelerate New Revenue Streams? Talk to Us!

      Grazitti’s Salesforce experts are well-equipped to accelerate your revenue operations. Just drop in a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

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