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      3 Firms Customize Salesforce Service Cloud: Here’s What Happens Next

      Feb 07, 2018

      2 minute read

      Until last year, three U.S. companies—a large health and fitness devices seller, a mobile software developer, and a B2B marketing automation platforms provider—had little in common. Then, they decided to customize their instance of Salesforce Service Cloud. This post is a story of what prompted them, and what they achieved after customization.3 Firms Customize Salesforce Service Cloud: Here’s What Happens Next

      Firm 1 Sells 200,000 More Health Devices

      A health and fitness devices seller relied on a time-consuming process for validating warranties. Each validation request was approved by a support representative, who had to view a request, analyze it, and send an email of approval to customers.

      The process was leaving support reps with little time for anything else. As a result, customer service was suffering. A solution was needed immediately.

      During a consultation, we suggested the company to integrate their instance of Salesforce Service Cloud with their CRMs and delivery systems. This customization automated warranty validations.

      During the 12 months following the integration, they were able to sell 200,000 more devices than the year before, transforming themselves from a cost center into a revenue center.

      Firm 2 Reduces its Support Costs

      A lot of the time, companies have a shared pool of knowledge with all the information a customer might need. But to ensure that the information is easily accessible is anything but easy.

      A cloud and mobile software developer in San Francisco was experiencing the difficulties first hand when they consulted us.

      Despite a thriving online community and comprehensive documentation, the case deflection rate was dismally low. A big reason was a disconnect between the community and documentation.

      Customers had to perform two separate searches to find help. It was cumbersome. Naturally, many customers ended up calling support reps, raising service costs for the company.

      We suggested using SearchUnify. The tool would connect their Salesforce Service Cloud community with their MadCap documentation. With a single search bar, customers could search both assets.

      Within a few weeks of using SearchUnify, the case deflection rate shot up and support costs plummeted.

      Firm 3 Improves CSAT

      Technology and customers relationships define if you will falter or succeed as an IT solutions providers. A U.S. SaaS company was offering advanced B2B marketing automation platforms, but the technological edge alone was proving inadequate to retain customers. They needed a system to foretell, with reasonable accuracy, when a customer had a high chance switching to a competitor’s platform.

      We developed several widgets and a brand new dashboard for their Salesforce Service Cloud. The widgets were programmed to spot trigger points and generate warning signs. The dashboard summarized the data on a single screen. As a result, the company could evaluate account performance in real time and proactively help clients before their issues turned serious and a thought of cancelling their subscription occurred.

      Find Out What Will Work For You

      Your objective for customizing Salesforce Service Cloud might be to reduce support costs, facilitate communication, or increase CSAT. Or, you might have a completely different goal in your mind. Whatever it is, a customized Cloud can go a long way in supporting your business objectives.

      Download our eBook, 3 Pillars of Service Cloud Success, to learn more about three companies’ experiences with customization, and discover which ones will be applicable in your case.

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