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      3 Quick Steps: How a Support Agent Can Improve Customer Satisfaction Rate

      Dec 28, 2017

      2 minute read

      Customers especially, millennials and Gen X, only seek help from a brand if they are not able to solve their issues on their own. But, if they reach out, they expect prompt and right answers.

      Research says 91% of customers who are not satisfied with your services will not do business with you again.

      Are you ready to take that chance? It’s an obvious NO!

      The next question is – how can your support team improve the customer satisfaction rate?

      In this blog post, we will explore three steps to make a difference through your customer support team.


      Quick Step 1: Resolve cases fast and right

      The key over here is to strike the right balance between fast and right resolution of cases. A fast response is of no use if it doesn’t provide any solution to your customer. But to get it right, you need to understand what is adding to that delay. Is it due to:

      • Logging into multiple systems to find information?
      • Lack of technical training with support agents?
      • Lack of availability of right tools?
      • Lack of product knowledge?

      So, identify the main reason and then invest in equipping your support agents with the right tools, resources, and training.

      Quick Step 2: Enable better collaboration between support and product teams

      Your support team depends to a great extent on product/engineering teams due to lack of technical expertise and product knowledge. Whenever they come across any complex case, they escalate it to the product team.

      Since both the teams use different tools to manage and perform their tasks, escalating and tracking customer cases becomes a tall order for the support agent.

      The best way to overcome this is by integrating those tools. But the integration should enable complete transparency and collaboration between the teams.

      Apart from that, the integration should be bi-directional, scalable, flexible, and should ensure real-time flow of data. For that, you should spend your money on selecting the right connector.

      Quick Step 3: Make information easily accessible with an intelligent search solution

      Even if you have all the necessary tools, resources, and integrations in place, your agents may still face difficulties finding relevant information. This will add to the stress, which will result in low productivity and decrease the customer satisfaction rate.

      Opt for a next-gen AI-driven enterprise search solution that will fetch information from multiple sources and deliver relevant results in real time.

      A powerful search solution will also assist your team to come up with more relevant content based on keywords that your customers are using. This will help you power your knowledge base and content repositories with the right content.

      Need help with enabling smooth collaboration between your support and engineering teams? Sinergify is your way out. Check out this walkthrough video to know more.

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