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      Let No Question Go Unanswered: Connect Your Lithium Community with Salesforce Service Cloud

      Feb 13, 2018

      2 minute read

      Seven out of 10 customers do not want to talk to your support. They prefer finding answers online, especially millennials.

      Lithium-Salesforce integration improves customer experience and reduces support costs.

      Millennials Love Your Lithium-Powered Community

      Millennials “want digital, streamlined, mobile-friendly assistance wherever that makes the most sense,” writes a Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon, and goes on to warn against “more bodies” and “longer hours answering the phones” because they “may not help you as much as you’d expect with millennial customers.”

      Founding and nurturing online communities are essential for businesses catering to the largest living generation in the U.S. A vibrant Lithium community can serve between 40 and 60 percent of your customers, raise the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as much as 20 points, and increase the overall customer experience.

      Improving customer experience results in tremendous financial benefits. National Instruments has cut its support costs to the tune of $7.8 million after investing in an online community, and Autodesk saves $6.8 million a year.

      However, online communities should not be promoted at the price of human assistance. “If you only work on the digital side and have understaffed, undertrained, grudging customer support for the moments where your customer wants the human touch, the human insight, you will drive customers away as well,” writes Micah.

      Your customers still need human assistance, especially if they are paying for support or faced with a complex issue whose resolution is proving elusive.

      One way to assist those groups is to connect your Lithium Community with Salesforce Service Cloud.

      Connect Salesforce Service Cloud with Lithium to Improve Self-Service

      Connecting your Salesforce Service Cloud with your Lithium Community allows you to provide human assistance where digital support is lacking.

      The underlying idea is simple and the benefits immense.

      An “Escalate” button appears on your Lithium Community, allowing your customers to escalate cases with the click of a button when they cannot find answers in the community.

      When a case is escalated, the entire discussion will be moved to your support reps, who can browse through the case history and come up with helpful solutions, instead of asking the customer to repeat their issue.

      When no question goes unanswered, customer satisfaction surges.

      Other benefits of a Lithium-Salesforce Service Cloud Connector includes:

      1. Improved customer satisfaction
      2. Increased customer engagement
      3. Fewer barriers between support and customers
      4. Higher case deflection

      Your Lithium-powered, self-service community can reap all these benefits at less than one-fourth the cost of hiring a full-time programmer.


      Power your traditional support by bringing it closer to your customers. With a click, users on your communities can connect with your support. Use a Lithium-Salesforce Service Cloud Connector to link your Salesforce Service Cloud with Lithium Community. The connector is cost-effective, customizable, and works out of the box.

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