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      Khoros-Salesorce Connector

      Boost your Customer Experience with Lithium-Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

      Feb 28, 2018

      2 minute read

      A large number of customers prefer “digital, streamlined” help. They seek human assistance only when your knowledge base and community fail to provide answers.

      Using a Lithium-Salesforce connector, you can make it easier for your community users to connect with your support agents. Once the connector is installed, your customers will be able to escalate their cases straight from the community.

      How Does It Work?

      If your organization uses Salesforce CRM and relies on Lithium to power its community, then establishing a seamless flow of information between the two platforms can be difficult. That’s where Lithium-Salesforce Service Cloud integration comes handy.

      A connector helps you deliver the right customer experience, enables you to establish a seamless flow of information for you to take action, lowers your support costs, and drives revenue.

      Benefits of an Ideal Integration

      • Bidirectional flow of information between your CRM and community
      • Suggestive search for increasing the case deflection rate
      • Potential to leverage community content in Salesforce
      • Empowered admins who can configure and update case forms and other pages

      Lithium-Salesforce Service Cloud IntegrationLithium-Salesforce Service Cloud integration enables users to log their case into your community and escalate it to your customer support team. Other features of the connector include:

      Exclusive Support Tab for Premium Customers

      Four-fifths of your revenue comes from merely 20 percent of your customers. A little effort from you can make them feel satisfied and happier. An exclusive Support tab for them can be a way to show how much you care.

      One-Click Case Escalation

      Your customers visit your community to find answers. An escalate button will connect your customers to your support agents when they cannot find answers in your community. With one click, your customers will be able to secure professional help from within your community.

      Cost-Effective KB Generation

      Your community generates a lot of valuable content. Service managers can view the most compelling and relevant content and easily integrate it into their Salesforce Knowledge Base.

      A Transparent Process

      Your customers will love the involvement of your support reps in your community because then they will be able to see the progress around their case and get their answers rather quickly. Also, they will be able to communicate directly with your support reps. This makes the process of case creation to case closing way more transparent.What if your support reps fail to give a solution to any of your customers’ query and send it to the product or engineering team? The process becomes complicated. Click here to read more about this thread.

      Need help integrating your Lithium-powered community to Salesforce Service Cloud, just drop us a line at [email protected].

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