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      4 Ways Salesforce Customization Can Enhance Your Business Operations

      Nov 24, 2022

      4 minute read

      From traditional practices to modern-day working cultures, businesses have come a long way. Technology has redefined the way businesses work. Where employees took hours to accomplish a target, it now takes half the time.

      A modern business culture calls for agility and flexibility. Whether you are strategizing for your next project, launching a new product, streamlining your business operations, or planning a different approach to acquire more customers, you need to be quick. This is where a well-implemented CRM comes into the picture.

      There are different types of CRM solutions available in the global market and Salesforce is truly a cut above the rest. It has powerful features and capabilities to help you operate your business activities with ease.

      Salesforce is an extensible platform that gives you the flexibility to customize it for features or functionalities that may not be natively available in it. Let’s dive into what Salesforce customization is and the benefits it brings to the table.

      An Overview of Salesforce Customization

      Salesforce customization is a process that involves custom software development and coding for adding additional, scalable features to the Salesforce platform. It allows organizations to optimize the platform’s usability and make it easy to use for their teams. It enables businesses to reinvent how they connect and engage with their customers, increase team productivity, and maximize ROI.

      With customization, users can enhance the current features or functionalities of the CRM that are not natively available in Salesforce to achieve actionable results.

      For instance, user adoption on Salesforce-powered communities is a tall order. Although Salesforce provides an option to create guided walkthroughs, you’d still need assistance from trained support professionals to get equipped with this platform.

      The Need for Salesforce Customization

      Undoubtedly, Salesforce, being the best CRM platform available, has got everything that gives your business an edge.

      However, as your business evolves and expands its customer base, it needs solutions that meet its specific needs. That’s when customizing Salesforce will help you.

      4 Ways Salesforce Customization Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

      Salesforce can be your ally in managing complex business processes but customizing it helps you make the most out of your platform.

      Here are a few major benefits you can reap from Salesforce customization:

      benefits of Salesforce customization

      Custom Reports

      Reports provide you with an overview of your business performance, however, with customized reports you can dig deeper into the sales pipeline and the performance of specific customer segments and sales territories. Also, configuring standard reports with default features like the Report Builder only presents you data from standard objects. If you want to fetch data from custom integrations, you can do it through customization that’s usually done using APEX code. These reports require additional fields, columns, and lines to capture data that are not natively found in Report Builder.

      Integration With Other Systems

      It would be beneficial for your business to have a single view of all the customer information. Imagine not having the need to switch to different applications to access data. Salesforce integrates with other systems that enables you to access the information of other apps from Salesforce itself. When synced with different tools in your tech stack, Salesforce helps you unlock their combined potential.

      Enhanced Automation

      The standard Salesforce configuration allows users to use the default Workflow and Approvals functionality. Users can also take advantage of Process Builder and Flow Builder to enhance automation such as by enabling automatic updates after a related field change. However, a customized Salesforce org with the help of a trusted Salesforce partner can help automating complex processes such as purchase orders, revenue calculation, discount approval, and more.

      Improved Analytics for Informed Decision Making

      Your CRM platform must always indicate how your marketing and sales teams interact with your target audience. No matter what the activity – drip email campaigns, ad campaigns, or regular activities on social media; if you do not have the right data, your team will miss out on making important decisions. Salesforce customization ensures that you have access to the tools built-in or third-party to analyze data. It gives you the liberty to make your dashboards enlightening by adding a field or two, giving an extra column in a report, or integrating with other systems to address specific requirements. As a result, you get the right data to make informed decisions about personalizing customer journeys, increasing sales, and optimizing cost.

      Wrapping Up

      Customizing your Salesforce Org is a decision that depends on your business goals. It’s up to you to decide if you are getting the maximum value out of your CRM and getting the desired ROI. If not, it would probably be better to customize your Salesforce Org to make it more suitable for your business needs. So, whether you already have Salesforce in your corner or are planning to implement it, customization is the way to maximize its value.

      Ready to Customize Your Salesforce Platform? Let’s Talk!

      If you want to know more about Salesforce customization and what more it has to offer, our Salesforce aces would be happy to pitch in. For more questions, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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