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      5 Benefits of Moving to Microsoft Azure Cloud

      Sep 16, 2022

      3 minute read

      Cloud technology is driving digital transformation on a massive scale.

      According to a survey[i], cloud migration would lead to a 28% increase in business revenue by 2022.

      Hence, a majority of organizations are considering migrating to the cloud as one of their top priorities.

      And when it comes to beginning your cloud journey, there are many big cloud service providers available in the market.

      But Microsoft Azure is a solution that 95% of Fortune 500 companies[ii] trust for their cloud requirements.

      So, why is Azure so popular, and how it can be useful to your business? Let’s discuss it in this blog post.

      Learn About the Basics of Azure With an Introductory Guide to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

      5 Benefits of Moving to Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure is a best-in-class option for cloud migration. It is quite an affordable and reliable solution for businesses looking to move their database to the cloud. Listed below are five of the major advantages that make it a go-to cloud solution for businesses.

      azure migration benefits

      Enhanced Security

      Did you know? Microsoft invests over $1 billion[iii] each year in cybersecurity research and development. Needless to say, Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure cloud solutions. It comes with robust enterprise-grade security measures and tools to offer superior threat protection. It has in-built DDoS protection, Azure Defender, and Azure Information Protection to monitor and assess your system’s security state and quickly respond to threats.

      Scalability and Flexibility

      Microsoft Azure cloud lets you easily scale up and down your computing resources as per your business needs. Using Azure Autoscale, you can dynamically adjust your apps and services by anticipating load with varying schedules. So, in case of a sudden traffic influx, you are not held back by your existing infrastructure; during quieter periods, you are free to scale down your resources to reduce operational costs.

      Reduced Maintenance Costs

      Building, running, and maintaining on-site data storage hardware can prove to be quite costly for your business in the long run. Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for physical servers by moving your data, apps, and computing processing to the cloud. Moreover, Azure in itself is a more affordable cloud service provider than its counterparts. Microsoft claims[iv] that Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server is five times cheaper than AWS.

      Backup and Disaster Recovery

      Azure brings data redundancy into the system and handles your data, independent of the location. So, if there’s an unfortunate disaster at your physical location, your data and operations remain unaffected. Azure also offers complete end-to-end backup and recovery solutions to help you stay compliant and improve your continuity plan in case something goes wrong.

      Remote Accessibility

      Azure allows you to access your data on the cloud at any time and from any location. Its VPN Gateway facilitates secure connections for your employees/team members to access your organization’s resources remotely. This helps support remote working and high organizational responsiveness. Furthermore, Azure offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99% and 24×7 tech support to ensure uninterrupted operations.

      Azure Cloud on the Go

      Cloud computing is the future of businesses. And picking the right cloud service provider is key to success. Being one of the most secure, budget-friendly, and easy-to-manage cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure is an ideal migration solution for businesses of all sizes.

      Bonus point – It’s free to try and seamless to use. Hence, if you are looking to migrate to the cloud, Azure is an ideal choice.

      Interested in Learning More About Migration to Azure Cloud? Book a Free Consultation.

      Our Microsoft Maestros can help you with all your Azure development, migration, and maintenance needs. To learn more about our services, simply drop a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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