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      6 Reasons to Use Maginate – A Magento Marketo Integration Connector

      May 18, 2020

      3 minute read

      As your Magento store grows,

      • Are you struggling to sync your customer data into your Magento store?
      • Is your cart abandonment rate higher than usual?
      • Is mapping leads becoming difficult?

      If you answered yes to most of these questions, you need to consider taking a look at solutions to help you overcome that and more!

      Enter Maginate – A Magento Marketo integration connector by Grazitti! A connector that can help you deliver a holistic customer experience by integrating Marketo capabilities into your Magento store and offering your customers personalized experiences.

      So, if you are using Magento or plan to move to a Magento store for growing your business online, Maginate can help you foster better collaboration and enable a secure, flexible, and seamless integration.


      Let’s take a look at the top 6 reasons to use Maginate:

      Sync customer data

      The connector synchronizes your latest customer or prospect’ data in Marketo with Magento transaction data thus helping you track customer behavior in real-time. It also helps you –

      • Segment your customers and generate product recommendations and offers
      • Engage customers through relevant campaigns
      • Track revenues and conversion rates as a result of enhanced customer engagement
      • Trigger abandoned cart email sequences to re-engage customers

      Reduces cart abandonment

      According to the Baymard Institute, an average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%.

      This means that out of every 100 sales an online store makes, 68 people will leave without purchasing!

      Maginate helps in tracking information to nurture leads and send offers for conversion, thus combating cart abandonment.

      It uses personalized email marketing campaigns to streamline interactions during the customer lifecycle thus strengthening your relationship with customers. These emails usually have a direct link added in the email itself to enable users to complete their purchase easily. A series of retargeting emails work well to recoup the lost sales.

      Automates email nurturing

      Email automation is the king of customer lifecycle management.

      An eCommerce business becomes successful when it learns to manage customer lifecycles; right from the discovery of a brand to its advocacy.

      Maginate identifies customer behavior, aligns messaging accordingly, and sends emails at fixed intervals. It lets you keep your customers updated about your product offerings and marketing newsletters. Thus, nurturing and converting your leads become simple, your user experience improves, and your ROI multiplies.

      Increases conversion rate with progressive profiling

      Progressive profiling has always been a successful method of collecting relevant information on your leads. Maginate makes use of Marketo smart forms that progressively obtain lead intelligence as you grow lead conversions.

      With progressive profiling, you can hide the form fields that your leads have already filled, hence leading to shorter forms, accelerated buyer’s journey, increased sales, and reduced number of forms.

      Helps track purchase history

      Maginate helps you track Magento transaction/purchase history data to automate purchase-related communication via Marketo. It allows you to:

      • Send up-to-date information on each order placed online
      • Share shipping and payment details and keep customers informed at all times

      Key takeaway

      Maginate by Grazitti is a product aimed at making business workflows completely flawless by integrating your Magento store with Marketo. It helps eCommerce store owners engage with end-users in a better way thus delivering enhanced customer experience.

      The connector is easily customizable and its configuration does not need any technical assistance. It allows users to sign up faster with autofill forms, accumulates relevant information about a prospect with progressive profiling, maps tracking history of unknown leads with the information of your existing customers and more.

      Want to Leverage Marketo Capabilities in Your Magento Store?

      Maginate-Magento Marketo Integration Connector developed by Grazitti brings Marketo capabilities in your Magento store. The Connector helps you automate and personalize emails by syncing your user information and purchase details in Marketo. If you want to know more, you can schedule a demo right away or get in touch with us at [email protected].

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