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      Increase Sales by Integrating Your Magento Store With Marketo


      Jun 15, 2023

      3 minute read

      Magento is one of the best e-Commerce platforms and Marketo is one of the most preferred marketing automation platforms.

      More than 2,67,000[i] merchants across the globe choose Magento as their e-Commerce store, and on average, 56%[ii] of companies are presently using a marketing automation platform.

      Integrating your Magento store with Marketo allows e-tailers to increase sales and automate nurture programs. Moreover, this integration enables e-Commerce businesses to set up personalized programs that help increase conversions.

      But is your business’s sales department still crunching numbers the old-fashioned way? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you-integrating Marketo capabilities into the Magento store with Maginate – Grazitti’s Magento Marketo Integration Connector!

      Let’s look at how integrating your Magento store with Marketo can help boost sales.

      Increase Sales by Integrating Magento Store With Marketo

      1. Customer Data Sync

      The Magento-Marketo Integration synchronizes your latest Magento stores customer or prospect data in Marketo by creating a new lead or associating it with an existing one.

      Thus, if a customer edits their profile either from the front-end or Magento admin, it will update in Marketo automatically. Marketo then uses this customer data to trigger future emails, track customer activity, or generate reports.

      Further, any sales agent can access this information to determine which customers are good to upsell or cross-sell, what messages work best for the audience, etc.

      2. Autofill Forms and Progressive Profiling

      Autofill is a time-saving feature in Maginate that enables users to sign up faster with autofill forms which lead to a better user experience. However, the information of a user is stored by the system and will only be auto-filled in forms if their browser settings permit it.

      Through the “Marketo forms” feature, an organization can gain lead intelligence and capture new customer insights. This prospect information can help your sales department increase lead conversions with Maginate.

      3. Order Information Capture

      A Magento-Marketo integration connector helps you track the activities of your customers through order and product details. For example, the quantity of an item/product purchased, billing/ shipping address, order status, browsing frequency, payment mode, etc., can give multiple insights into a customer’s behavior.

      Further, any changes made on Magento will reflect in Marketo simultaneously. This information can be used for processing sales orders with 100 percent accuracy or sharing nurture emails with customers based on their purchasing patterns.

      4. Database Integration or Historical Data Push

      Maginate gives you the authority to push old customer data along with their order information in Marketo that may be available in your Magento store. The best part is that this database integration can also enable the automation of purchase-related communication.

      Further, sales departments can use this historical data to determine high-value prospects, previous selling patterns, etc., to make sales forecast estimations accordingly.

      5. Unknown Lead Mapping

      The Magento Marketo Integration allows you to analyze the complete customer journey. This is done by mapping the tracking history of the unknown leads with the information of your existing customers.

      One can initiate this analysis with the help of Marketo’s Munchkin Cookie – a custom JavaScript tracking code. It further gives sales and marketing teams an opportunity to react to website visitors with automated marketing campaigns.

      6. Automated Email Nurturing

      Maginate provides a comprehensive view of your customers across the web, email, mobile, and social media platforms. Consequently, sales and marketing can send automated and highly-targeted emails to them using Marketo. For existing or new clients and customers, email marketing boosts communication & awareness, and builds relationships.

      Sales teams can focus on these emails to boost referrals, upsell to current customers, re-engage with non-active customers, create brand awareness, reward customer loyalty, etc.

      7. DDoS Secure

      Denial-of-a Service attacks can make your website more vulnerable to hacking. However, these won’t harm Grazitti’s Magento Marketo Integration Connector as it comes with configurable prevention.

      This protection reduces website downtime while allowing more traffic to get through for sales. It prevents hackers from stealing customer data or damaging the company’s reputation; thereby, building customer trust & loyalty, and increasing sales in the long term.

      8. Cart Abandonment

      With our Magento Marketo integration connector, businesses can track customers who didn’t complete an order. An increase in cart abandonment rate can signal poor user experience or a broken sales funnel.

      But with our Maginate connector, businesses can fix this issue by using the aforesaid customer information to set up nurture emails and send offers for conversion. These abandoned cart emails can draw customers back to the website, encouraging them to complete their already initiated purchase.

      It is essential for businesses to persuade shoppers to complete their purchases in the cart to improve revenue streams. Therefore, learn to tackle the issue of cart abandonment by watching this informative video.

      Wish to Improve Business Scalability and Boost ROI? Talk to Us!

      The Magento Marketo Integration Connector (Maginate) developed by Grazitti brings Marketo capabilities to your Magento store. You can find more information about this connector here or schedule a demo right away. Get in touch with us at [email protected].


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      [ii] Email Monday

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