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      Marketing Automation

      7 In-Demand Features of Marketing Automation in the ANZ Region

      Jan 02, 2023

      4 minute read

      Marketing automation generates returns of $5.44 for every dollar invested over the first three years for businesses(i).

      Today, marketing automation is more than just a requirement; it is the secret to success.

      In addition to automating tasks, every business uses marketing automation to restructure and quantify their marketing campaigns and workflows. Sales automation can get rid of repetitive operations in the follow-up, sales funnel, and lead creation processes.

      With marketing automation, marketers can now focus more on building relationships with customers because of the simplification of business operations. It results in increased ROI, better customer satisfaction, and enhanced business growth.

      In this blog post, we’ll examine a few significant developments that will have an impact on the marketing automation sector in the ANZ region.

      Marketing Automation Market Size, Share, and Growth in the ANZ Region

      According to HubSpot, 72% of the most prosperous businesses use marketing automation(ii).

      As there are more marketing channels accessible than ever to reach end customers, the market for marketing automation is expanding.

      Businesses use innovative and creative approaches to connect with and sway their prospects in today’s digital environment. Moreover, the growth of marketing channels shows that more data and information are being produced by people.

      Therefore, understanding a customer’s brand choice will increase the likelihood that the right customer will be reached.

      HubSpot and Marketo have the largest market share in the ANZ region, followed by Klaviyo and a few other smaller MAP suppliers.

      However, as the ANZ and larger APAC areas develop, B2B marketing technology investment is rising quickly.

      Now, let’s take a closer look at the marketing automation features that businesses in the ANZ region are interested in.

      The Most In-Demand Features of Marketing Automation in the ANZ Region

      Businesses that use marketing automation saw an 80% boost in lead generation and a 77% rise in conversions(iii).

      Here are the most popular marketing automation features that you can use in your business’s operations:

      Most In-Demand Features of Marketing Automation in the ANZ Region

      Visitor Tracking

      Visitor tracking software helps you to keep track of who visits your website and how much time they spend on each page. Additionally, it reveals which content pieces are getting the most remarks and views. You can learn more about your readers and the subjects they find fascinating by using visitor tracking.

      Content Hosting

      By integrating your website with a marketing tool, you can host (upload and publish) content on your website. It might be a form with a downloadable file attached to it that customers fill and submit to access the asset for free or a landing page or content distributed via email marketing.

      Email Marketing

      One of the best marketing methods for getting in touch with potential customers is email. Email marketing automation can help you overcome issues like losing track of conversions in long threads, delayed responses to emails, being unable to measure open rates, and more. Email templates, schedulers, and content repositories make the marketers’ jobs easy.

      Content Tracking

      You can monitor your content’s performance and traffic volume by hosting it through your marketing automation platform. This is a useful method for identifying what is and isn’t working.

      Activity Tracking

      For sales and marketing teams, following a prospect’s movement through a funnel takes time. Fortunately, marketing automation software alerts you when a lead does ready-to-convert actions. It enables you to take action when necessary and lets you concentrate on other important tasks.

      Lead Nurturing

      Lead nurturing focuses on understanding customer needs and aims. It classifies leads according to how ready they are for sales and helps you understand their intentions and behavior better. That’s why the sales and marketing departments place a strong focus on it. Lead nurturing provides organized campaigns that may be modified for each stage of the customer relationship. It aims to shape future choices and create a long-lasting relationship with your customer.

      Leads Scoring and Grading

      You can determine whether leads are more likely to make a purchase using outbound or inbound marketing strategies. By identifying the stage of the purchase cycle prospects are in, this feature can target them appropriately. In order to enhance customers’ interactions with the business, this function collects information about the types of customers that businesses attract and their behavior.

      Wrapping Up

      Recent studies show that marketing automation often results in an improvement in sales productivity of up to 14.5% and a decrease in marketing overhead of 12.2%(iv).

      The advantages of marketing automation go far beyond relieving your marketing team of repetitive tasks. Marketing automation enables marketers to design consistent, personalized cross-channel journeys that deliver a connected, consistent consumer experience. Additionally, it delivers the right content to the right audience at the right time, helping you convert leads into dedicated, long-term customers, and increase your bottom line.

      If you’re looking to expand your business in Australia and New Zealand regions, our eBook provides a thorough overview of how marketing automation is changing the future of marketing.

      It also gives a rundown of its latest trends, in-demand features and a clear view of the futuristic opportunities marketing automation offers when included in your businesses.

      Looking to Transform Your Business With Marketing Automation? Talk to Us!

      Take your marketing initiative up a notch and delight new-age customers with a strong marketing automation strategy with robust marketing automation services. Should you want to know more, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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