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      7 New HubSpot Features to Supercharge Your HubSpot Operations in 2022

      Mar 04, 2022

      5 minute read

      In today’s digital age, marketing automation is the backbone of every business.

      The marketing automation industry is constantly evolving and we can see new brands emerging to capture a slice of the market. And HubSpot is one of the marketing automation platforms that has stood strong over the years. One key reason for its popularity is constant innovation.

      That’s why it is key to know what new features are under the HubSpot hood and how these features can save time, improve your business operations, and bring efficiency across your teams.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about the market size of the marketing automation industry to understand HubSpot’s position. And we’ll dive into the new features HubSpot has introduced that you should leverage for marketing success in 2022.

      The Market Size and Share of the Marketing Automation Industry

      • According to the Mordor Intelligence Report, the global marketing automation market size will reach USD 11.46 billion by 2027[i].
      • In fact, 51% of the companies are currently using marketing automation, and 58% of the B2B companies planning to adopt this technology[ii].
      • The global market size of the marketing automation industry is 300,641 companies, and there are 302 companies producing marketing automation technologies[iii].

      Well, these numbers pretty much speak for themselves about the popularity of marketing automation platforms, don’t they?

      The growing need for automating repetitive marketing tasks, retaining customers, and personalized marketing are some of the major factors to drive this massive growth.

      The Statistical Picture of Marketing Automation Platforms Across Industry

      Blog2 1

      Different industries use marketing automation platforms (MAPs) to deliver personalized experiences to their customers at scale. Here’s a breakdown of the present state of the marketing automation industry.

      According to Enlyft[iv] there are 484, 180 companies using marketing automation platforms, out of which:

      • 26.67% are using HubSpot (129, 140)
      • 9.08% are using Marketo (43,974)
      • 7.53% are using Pardot (32,477)
      • 6.85% are using Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (33,144)
      • 5% are using ActiveCampaign (25,947)
      • 5% are using Eloqua (11,261)

      It is pretty clear how HubSpot is leading the marketing automation industry followed by Marketo and Pardot.

      Here’s a look at the adoption rate of HubSpot across industries.

      • 15,704 Computer Software (12%),
      • 10, 235 Information Technology and Services (8%), and
      • 9,156 Marketing and Advertising (7%) are the biggest segments

      Why Has HubSpot Made it Big in the Marketing Automation Industry?

      HubSpot is the ultimate solution that lets you acquire new leads, nurture them into customers, and grow your business — from one intelligent platform.

      In G2’s annual Best Software Awards, HubSpot was recognized #2 Best Global Seller for 2021[v]. Not just that, here’s what makes HubSpot unique.

      It provides:

      • Free CRM plan for small to medium enterprises
      • Tools and support to startups through HubSpot for Startups Program
      • Robust knowledge about the platform via various resources (blogs, articles, eGuides, videos, comprehensive knowledge base, and webinars)
      • Extensive online training through courses, certifications, and more with HubSpot Academy
      • Flexibility to customize HubSpot for every businesses’ unique needs
      • Integration capabilities to connect with popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, and more
      • Comprehensive reporting tools to amplify your marketing efforts

      7 Smart Features of HubSpot That You Should Use in 2022

      With HubSpot in your corner, you’ve got everything you need to attract, engage, convert, and delight your customers. And now this powerful platform has introduced many new features to simplify your operations and boost productivity. We’ve listed 7 new features and add-ons in HubSpot that you should use in 2022:

      Blog 1

      1. A/B Test Marketing Emails in Workflows: A/B testing is a great way to understand what kind of tone or offer your prospects prefer. And to make it even better, HubSpot’s new update in the Marketing Hub will enable you to send A/B test emails through workflows. When you add an A/B email to a workflow, HubSpot will automatically distribute the two email versions to enrolled recipients. Once the test is completed, the winning version will reign, and the workflow will send this to your future contacts that meet the enrollment criteria.

      2. Make Changes to Existing Live Pages: While the ability to schedule the publishing of a page has always been a feature of HubSpot’s CMS, making changes to the live pages was a bit of a curveball. With HubSpot’s new CMS update, you can create your page updates and schedule the publication of your pages. Also, you can publish or unpublish multiple pages at one time.

      3. Use the Payment Option for Better Buying Experiences: To digitize payments, streamline the payment process, and deliver a superior buying experience inside your CRM – HubSpot Payment is introduced. It brings the buyer’s journey to your CRM platform and allows you to combine your commerce and customer data to deliver better customer experiences.

      4. Utilize Business Units to Manage Multiple Businesses: For brands with multiple divisions/businesses, HubSpot introduced Business Units to easily manage multiple businesses (contacts, assets, and settings) within a single HubSpot account. This way, you can make running cross-sell and upsell campaigns for every segment of your audience a breeze.

      5. Use Associations to Organize Your Contacts: To ensure that your CRM is organized and so that you deliver a better customer experience, HubSpot introduced Associations. It enables you to associate multiple company records with contacts, deals, and tickets. It helps you to get a comprehensive picture of your lead/customers so that you can personalize communications and identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

      6. Make Use of Sales Forecasting on Mobile: Accurate sales forecasting allows sales reps and business leaders to make smarter decisions when setting goals. Now in HubSpot’s app, you can access the forecasting tool and can view forecast, target, and attainment to date yourself and your team, and filter deals by forecast category on the go.

      7. Automate Ticket Status & Actions for Better Service Operations: To bring efficiency to your service team’s operations HubSpot introduced ticket automation. With it, you can keep your ticket statuses up-to-date and make it easy for service reps to understand the next action to take with a ticket.

      The Bottom Line

      2022 will be an exciting year for HubSpot users if they use these new HubSpot features and updates. These features will enable you to manage every aspect of your inbound marketing with ease and amplify your lead generation, nurturing, and conversion processes.

      Want to know more about all the superpowers of HubSpot that can grow your business? Let’s talk!

      Our HubSpot aces will be happy to play a part in taking your HubSpot operations to the next level. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

      Statistics References:

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