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      HubSpot Content Optimization System – Mystery Unraveled

      Sep 09, 2019

      4 minute read

      “It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” – Andy Crestodina

      It’s no mystery that content marketing is the quarterback of any inbound marketing plan. According to DemandGen Report’s 2019 Content Preferences survey, 41% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. This content could be any information about the product/service that a customer may be interested in.

      It’s also no mystery that this content doesn’t get magically promoted on its own. What if we tell you, there’s a way your content can transform into “smart content”, optimizing all your content marketing efforts? Well, HubSpot beat everyone to it. They created HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS)!

      If there’s one thing we’ve learned being a HubSpot-Certified Partner Agency, it is the importance of inbound marketing and how content is the very core of it. If you’re contemplating whether HubSpot COS is the right choice for you, we have just the answer. Let’s unravel this mystery. Shall we?

      What is HubSpot COS?

      HubSpot defines COS as a fully integrated CMS that goes far beyond content management. We couldn’t agree more as it is “THE” tool to streamline all your content marketing activities. With COS, you can easily create content, design your website, and it does you one better by letting you build and manage a website that’s optimized for every device and every visitor, like an all-in-one marketing solution. As a ‘smarketer’, if personalization is something that you care about, HubSpot’s COS would feel like it’s tailor-made for you.


      How is HubSpot COS different from a traditional CMS?

      Content creation is the core element of a CMS and every CMS provides that functionality. Optimizing that content or your entire website for search engines, however, is a whole different story. You’ll need plugins.

      However, HubSpot COS eliminates the need for a plugin or an add-on software and optimizes your content for search engines, making your fantastic content look bright and shiny on every device. Here’s a breakdown of the difference in features between HubSpot COS and a traditional CMS:


      Need we say more? We’re sure that you now have a fair idea of the features that set COS apart from a regular CMS. But then what’s the fuss about it anyway?

      What makes HubSpot COS special?

      When it comes to managing and promoting content, there’s a reason why HubSpot COS is so special, actually, there are 5:

      1. Easy Integrations: Integration is probably the biggest USP of HubSpot COS. Any ‘smarketer’ would rather have all the necessary tools in one place as opposed to spending outrageous amounts of money, time, and effort on individual tools and then integrating them all. Besides managing and optimizing your content, COS lets you sync all of that with any marketing channel that you can think of.

      2. Effortless Mobile Optimization: When we say “content”, we do not just mean the blog on your website, but also landing pages, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, etc. A CMS does let you optimize this content but it comes with the price of doing this manually. COS, however, has a built-in responsive design that’s equipped to optimize your content across all kinds of devices (smartphones, tablets, etc).

      3. Superlative Personalization: We’ve all heard and read plenty about personalization. It’s not special anymore, but there’s one trick that COS has up its sleeve that gives personalization a new meaning. Enter – smart content. It’s a subtle mix of art and science that makes the experience of return visitors delightful. They do not see the content they’ve seen before but they see new CTAs and new forms with more information about the product/service that they may have browsed through during their last visit on your website. HubSpot COS works on a customer behavioral pattern, thus providing return visitors with more offers and smarter CTAs that change each time they visit your website.

      4. Impeccable Speed: A single second of added page load speed can cause sales to drop by 27%. COS knocks speed issues senseless as it has the fastest loading speed than any other CMS.

      5. Impactful SEO: With a traditional CMS, you’d need to manually add tags and keywords. On the contrary, HubSpot COS has social, tag, and keyword tools already built into it. This, again, decreases your time and effort and increases your social media presence, influence, and engagement.

      In essence, HubSpot COS is the hat that adds elegance and ease to your content marketing attire. Why not use it to the best of its ability? The time to implement HubSpot COS is now to make great content and to make it count!

      Have you streamlined your marketing with HubSpot COS yet?

      If yes, you’re a HubSpot rockstar already. If not, fret not. Grazitti’s got your back. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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