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      Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial Intelligence: The Secret Sauce to Enhancing User Experience!

      Feb 08, 2017

      3 minute read

      The way we interact with technology has made AI instrumental in personalizing user experience. This increasing significance of Artificial Intelligence is one of the prime reasons why brands are investing in Big Data as an essential element of their customer offerings.

      According to an IBM estimate, the company analyzes diverse interactions and browsing behaviors of customers to create nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data in a single day. This data is further used in automating user experience. Their reason being increased inclination of customers towards companies promising excellent experience, as was revealed in an American Express survey that states around 50% of respondents preferred customer-centric brands.

      artificial intelligence for UX

      Source: venturebeat

      In the year 2017, B2B marketing experts can expect to leverage the best out of AI to build remarkable user experience by

      Integrating AI and Customer Support

      Allowing AI-based applications to access the right amount of data can be extremely beneficial in ensuring real-time personalization for customer support. Take for instance – A device like IBM’s Watson answering from the other side of the line as a virtual assistant at a call center instead of a sales rep, works well in reducing the number of queries in the pipeline. When browsing on a website, the recommended search results are often similar to what we have been searching for in the past. Yet again here, AI is playing its part in delivering customer support by customizing the search results.

      Guaranteeing Personalized Experience

      “If a customer likes you and continues to like you, they will do business with you. If they don’t, they won’t”, says Paul Greenberg, who has authored the best-selling book, CRM at the Speed of Light. Second that!

      AI helps the B2B marketers identify goals, pain points and expectations of users. This, in turn, takes marketing conversions to a different level. Right from the creation of dynamic Ad copy for a campaign to ensuring engaging website experiences and effective email marketing, Artificial Intelligence is expected to make hyper-personalization an entirely different scenario.

      Aiding Data Mining to Gauge User Behavior

      Data mining is a quintessential part of a user’s journey with a brand. Why AI? So, you can dig deep down the data at lightning fast speed.

      When it comes to complex decision making, predictive intelligence gives you the privilege of mining into a complete analysis of sentiments of prospects by letting you search into the diverse behavioral aspects of targets such as their opinion, approach, past experience, behavior on social media and other aspects.

      Leveraging AI in the Form of IoT

      IoT is destined to be the future of marketing and AI in the form of Internet of Things simply makes way for countless opportunities to contribute towards building user experience.

      By implementing IoT, the individual Web space becomes all the more connected as you get to avail benefits like – event scheduling, smarter user behavior analysis, better connectivity with users virtually, and easier exchange of sales data. These aspects affect the experience of your target audience. Take for instance- driverless cars.

      The increasing role of artificial intelligence in building user experience hints at how the two can be perfected together, as the technology advances over time.

      Need Help with Optimizing User Experience?

      At Grazitti Interactive, we have a team of certified experts to help businesses enhance user experience by providing robust solutions. With our wide database of resources dispersed over different business functions, we help you in boosting ROI by improved customer engagement, sales analytics support, big data analytics and more. To know more about how we can help, contact us.

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