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      Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial Intelligence in Content: Know the Ropes

      Jun 13, 2019

      3 minute read

      Artificial Intelligence or AI—a word which is not a buzzword anymore but still is the “best thing since the sliced bread”. So it’s no surprise that AI has caught people’s attention and is a major point of discussion.

      These days artificial intelligence sees application in almost everything imaginable—even content. If you’re already using AI for your content, pat yourself on the back. But, are you utilizing it to the best of its capabilities?

      Marketers who have used Artificial Intelligence for their content are successfully attracting their relevant target audience and ranking well on Google SERPs.

      So, let’s see how AI can add value to your content:


      1. List down all the use cases – AI is there to help you automate your use cases. To start with that, you need to list down all the tasks that you do on a daily basis as a marketer. Your use cases can be based on choosing the most relevant keywords, optimizing the content for search engines, micro-targeting, personalization of content during content delivery, content recommendations and dynamic content generation for website visitors, automated topic generation and the list of use cases go on and on.

      Next, arrange these use cases on the basis of time taken to perform each of these and analyze where AI is needed the most.

      2. Deep dive into your data – You have data with you, the driver of most content and marketing decisions. Deep dive in your data, scrutinize and analyze how you can take advantage of it to attract prospects with an engaging content strategy. Plan, personalize, promote, measure, analyze, and optimize the performance of your content by collaborating your data with AI.

      3. AI and chatbots – You must be well aware of chatbots. As consumers believe in self-service and want the answers to their queries in real-time, AI helps in giving prompt replies based on those queries. But again, you need content for this to work. Use your content writing powers for good and pour it into your marvelous chatbot. This will not only help consumers save their time and solve their queries but you can also share your promotional offers via these chatbots.

      4. Let AI write content for you – Consider AI as your friend in need. Why? Because AI helps you automatically generate simple yet quality content. Content written by AI can easily attract human attention. To make it more attractive, you can edit and add extra elements to it. There might be some topics that you may have underestimated the power of, but AI picks them and writes indubitably engaging content.

      5. Do not forget to personalize – 63% of marketers say data-driven personalization is the most difficult online tactic to execute. Well, if you leverage AI, it won’t be difficult for marketers like you, as AI tracks the past purchasing behavioral patterns and helps in targeting with the most accurate messaging. With AI and the prospects data, you can get relevant content written for your target audience. 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that offers a personalized service or experience. This is why personalization can’t be ignored and with AI you can take full advantage of it.

      To really take advantage of AI for your content, take baby steps—solve those use cases which offer quick gains, and which can be positively witnessed and supported internally, thus motivating you to move forward with confidence.

      Want to get started with AI? We’re happy to help!

      Take a look at this case study and learn how we helped a multinational technology company that focusses on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, increase engagement and ROI with the help of Marketo’s ContentAI. For more, email us at [email protected].

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