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      Artificial Intelligence

      Understand Customers Better with Conversational Analytics

      Mar 13, 2023

      3 minute read

      Conversational AI has been trending for some time now. It leverages artificial intelligence to understand and process natural language.

      It also takes the burden off support teams and enables customers to receive assistance faster with chatbots and virtual agents.

      In this blog post, we look at how you can understand customers better with insights from conversational analytics.

      You will also learn about ChatGPT, which has been the ‘talk of the town’ for quite some time now. So, let’s begin!

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      Conversational Analytics for Better Customer Insights

      Figuring out customer intent and making optimal use of data is critical to developing customer relationships.

      Conversational analytics empowers you with a deeper understanding of what customers need.

      This means gathering data through chatbots and making use of sophisticated AI and machine learning techniques.

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      The Vital Components of Conversational Analytics

      Now that we know what conversational analytics is, let’s look at its components:

      Input Analysis: Decipher what text means. Figure out customer intent using NLP (Natural Language Processing).

      Dialogue Management: Generate a response on the basis of customer intent, with Natural Language Generation (NLG), a component of NLP.

      Reinforcement Learning: Learn and enhance your conversational analytics model over time with machine learning to make future interactions better.

      Benefits of Conversational Analytics

      1. Personalized Customer Interactions

      Research shows that 71% of customers demand personalized interactions and services from the businesses they choose. [1]

      However, you can offer personalized services only when you know customer intent.

      Conversational analytics gives you a clear view of how customers interact with your business.

      You can learn what kind of interactions your customers make and what they expect.

      By leveraging these insights, you can provide the services they expect, and convert them into brand advocates.

      2. Monitor Employee Performance

      Conversational analytics helps you understand how your employees are interacting with customers.

      Monitoring employee performance helps you figure out key areas that need a boost to deliver better customer service.

      3. Boost Agent Productivity

      Conversational analytics enables you to build an employee dashboard by flagging keywords and problem areas.

      It helps you figure out the right keywords and phrases in customer interactions and use that data to simplify the work of agents.

      You can also provide agents with guidance on how to deal with customers, and notify supervisors when they need help.

      4. Deeper Insights for Product Improvement

      By tapping into customer intent, you can figure out what prospects expect from your product.

      You can pass this information on to product and engineering teams to enhance the product accordingly.

      ChatGPT: The Conversational Chatbot

      ChatGPT is a language-processing AI model. It compiles vast data volumes and presents them in a meaningful manner.

      It also understands the context of words from a vast vocabulary and repository of data.

      ChatGPT generates responses similar to humans, in a text box. However, what’s most notable is that it gives natural answers to queries in a conversational tone.

      It helps you by:

      • Writing technical code
      • Writing blog posts and articles
      • Writing poems and stories
      • Translating words and phrases
      • Recommending songs

      A Brief Round-Off

      For your business to grow, you need to know what customers want.

      In this blog post, we covered the key aspects of conversational analytics, as well as how it can help you understand customers better and deliver engaging experiences.

      We also learned about ChatGPT, as well as its features that have made it so popular these days.

      Conversational AI enables you to tap into customer expectations by making sense of big data through text analysis.

      Leverage Conversational Analytics to Understand Customers Better. Let’s Talk

      At Grazitti, the analytics wizards are waiting to supercharge your data with the power of conversational analytics.

      Begin your magical journey, here.

      Should you want to know, please write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!


      [1] The Value of Getting Personalization Right—or Wrong—is Multiplying

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