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      Blazing the AI Trail: Salesforce’s AI Prowess Across Clouds

      Dec 15, 2023

      5 minute read

      According to research, global spending on AI will double to $500 billion in 2024, up from the anticipated $154 billion in 2023[i]. While the numbers indicate a tremendous curve in the growth rate of AI, the operational use of this technology will soon be fully adopted by businesses.

      When it comes to AI, Salesforce has consistently positioned itself at the forefront.

      When Salesforce rolled out Einstein to enhance the intelligence of its CRM, it stood tall among its competitors.

      As Albert Einstein famously stated, “Out of complexity, find simplicity.” Salesforce Einstein does just that – it aims to simplify business operations, expand databases, and meet ever-growing customer demands with ease.

      Over time, they added the power of Einstein into more features and integrated it across all Salesforce Clouds. Now, Salesforce aims to provide its customers with a competitive advantage by leveraging the capabilities of Einstein GPT.

      At the beginning of this year, Salesforce embarked on a transformative journey by integrating generative AI throughout its comprehensive platform, introducing Einstein GPT. This groundbreaking implementation enables generative AI to permeate every facet of Salesforce, effortlessly generating personalized content ranging from emails and auto-generated code to concise conversation summaries.

      But how can you utilize the power of AI across core Salesforce clouds to grow revenue, reduce operational costs, and establish long-term relationships with customers?

      This blog post discusses the AI capabilities of five Salesforce Clouds and breaks down Salesforce’s move into the AI space. So, let’s dive in.

      How Einstein Adds the AI Layer Across 5 Core Salesforce Clouds

      Salesforce Einstein incorporates three major segments.

      • Machine learning for the prediction of future business outcomes
      • Nature Language Processing for Customer Engagement
      • Computer Vision for data processing and visual pattern recognition

      AI in Salesforce

      Let’s explore how Einstein enhances the capabilities of 5 core Salesforce Clouds:

      1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

      Harness Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enhance the effectiveness and outcomes of your marketing initiatives. Salesforce’s AI capabilities empower you to evaluate and execute your marketing activities strategically and with precision. With Einstein in your corner, you can assess the level of engagement with marketing emails and messages, determine the optimal timing for sending emails, identify crucial high-value accounts, enhance account engagement, and drive revenue growth.

      2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

      Unleash the full potential of your sales team by turbocharging their productivity throughout the entire sales process. Einstein in Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers you with invaluable predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation. Think of it as your dedicated data science department, constantly learning from your team’s sales activities and CRM data. With Einstein by your side, you can effortlessly identify the most promising leads, convert opportunities more effectively, and effortlessly retain your valuable customers.

      3. Salesforce Service Cloud

      Einstein in Salesforce Service Cloud empowers brands to enhance customer support and satisfaction. It offers features like Reply Recommendations for faster solutions and increased satisfaction. With a Supervisor, real-time data enables smarter decisions and proactive actions, predicting customer satisfaction and providing recommendations. Case Routing efficiently directs high-priority cases for faster responses and improved experiences. With added Einstein’s Natural Language Processing capabilities, your chatbots, and virtual assistants can better understand customer queries and provide more accurate responses to boost CSAT.

      4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

      The success of eCommerce businesses lies in a seamless shopping experience and Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a reliable solution to do so. Commerce Cloud’s AI-powered capabilities via Einstein help in enhancing the online shopping experience by offering personalized product recommendations, based on customer preferences, browsing behavior, and purchase history. Einstein revolutionizes merchandising by automating labor-intensive tasks like manual merchandising, customer segmentation updates, and more. It goes a step further with Einstein Predictive Sort, which dynamically tailors search and category pages based on shoppers’ actions.

      5. Service Cloud Voice

      With Service Cloud Voice, you can enhance the customer service experience by leveraging voice transcription and AI-powered recommendations from Einstein to decrease average service agent handle times. Provide agents and supervisors with real-time access to comprehensive customer data from voice and CRM channels. Einstein analyzes customer-agent conversations, offering relevant knowledge articles and suggesting next steps, empowering agents to resolve customer issues more efficiently.

      Driving Innovation: How Renowned Brands Utilize AI in Salesforce Clouds

      Here are a few real-world case studies that highlight successful applications of AI-empowered Salesforce Clouds:

      1. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola leveraged Salesforce Einstein to enhance its sales endeavors. Through predictive lead scoring, Coca-Cola successfully pinpointed the most promising leads and directed its resources toward closing those deals. Consequently, Coca-Cola witnessed a notable 15% rise in its sales win rate[ii].

      Additionally, Coca-Cola harnesses the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics to analyze social media data and gain valuable insights into customer sentiment. By detecting significant trends and patterns, the company has successfully enhanced its marketing campaigns and elevated customer experiences.

      2. Unilever: Unilever adopted Salesforce Einstein to enhance customer service initiatives. By analyzing customer interactions, Unilever efficiently identified areas for improvement in its customer service endeavors. As a result, Unilever experienced a significant 10% increase in customer satisfaction rates[iii].

      Understanding Salesforce’s Move Towards Generative AI

      When it comes to generative AI, Salesforce is no stranger to the field.

      Their dedicated research team has been actively developing large language models for years and has been at the forefront of prompt engineering since 2018.

      With a formidable force of 1,500+ machine learning engineers and data scientists dispersed across the organization, Salesforce has seamlessly integrated AI into every product they offer. As a result, their customers benefit from an astounding volume of over a trillion AI predictions[iv] delivered weekly.

      Let’s take a look at how they are capitalizing on the opportunity in generative AI.

      • Tableau GPT: Tableau GPT infuses the power of generative AI throughout the entire Tableau platform and can automate regular tasks that involve analyzing, exploring, and sharing data. By making data analysis more conversational, easier to explore, and more effective to share, Tableau GPT can help businesses make better decisions based on data.
      • Slack GPT: Slack GPT is a new platform from Salesforce that brings generative AI natively into the Slack interface. It helps teams in enhancing productivity, communication, and knowledge-sharing within organizations. With the entry of this new platform, organizations can tap into their trusted customer data and essential employee knowledge, so they can work smarter and make decisions faster.
      • Service GPT: The introduction of Service GPT and Field Service GPT enables organizations to leverage generative AI and real-time data for expanding service experiences seamlessly from the contact center to field operations, all while achieving cost reduction. These advanced solutions empower you to automatically generate personalized responses based on pertinent, up-to-date data sources.

      Undoubtedly, we can anticipate a wave of exciting AI innovations and features from Salesforce that will further elevate the capabilities of Einstein AI, pushing boundaries and opening up new possibilities.

      The Way Forward

      AI possesses the transformative power to revolutionize business operations. Salesforce remains at the forefront of AI innovation, consistently introducing advancements that enable businesses to enhance their sales, customer service, marketing, and operational capabilities. We can’t wait to explore more such AI advancements that are in the pilot, which may be unveiled in the coming months. Einstein GPT is one such outcome of Salesforce’s innovative initiatives. The time to hop onto Salesforce’s AI bandwagon is now!

      Want to Enhance the Capabilities of Your Salesforce Clouds With AI? Talk to Us!

      We are a Crest-level Salesforce partner with more than a decade of experience in assisting businesses with all things Salesforce. If you are looking to make AI and Salesforce your competitive edge, simply drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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