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      Boost your Mobile Marketing Campaign with Marketo

      Jun 29, 2015

      4 minute read

      With over 8.2 billion mobile devices available on the planet, mobile engagement is a great opportunity for smart marketers who want to reach their business prospects and customers.

      Mobile Marketing

      With Marketo Mobile Engagement, delivering exciting mobile experiences is quite easy. Marketers can develop highly personalized campaigns that deliver engaging responsive content without ever needing to rely upon their development team.

      Here is a set of solutions that Marketo offers to boost your Mobile Marketing Campaign:

      Responsive Landing Page Templates

      Rendering content rich websIt’s time to Go Mobile!ites on multiple devices can be cumbersome. Marketo responsive landing page templates come with different primary layout options to make sure that your website is well optimized, no matter what the screen size of the device is. Responsive templates align with the changing font sizes, text blocks, navigation menu, columns and images to adapt seamlessly with the smaller screen sizes.

      Responsive Mailers

      Building standard fixed, pixel-perfect width mailers is no longer enough. In order to meet the modern needs, your mailers must have flexible layout that scales perfectly to fit the different browser widths. Marketo gives you an opportunity to create responsive mailers that can easily adapt to the layout of the site to suit the different screen resolutions including smartphones, netbooks, tablets, desktop monitors and laptops.

      Targeted Mobile Vouchers

      With Marketo mobile voucher couponing system, you can easily target a campaign, control its size, and measure the overall campaign’s success. In this type of system, each mobile voucher serves as an “account” (like a gift card), with a unique coupon number. This unique voucher provides a detailed overview of the individual consumer behavior and aggregate program data. This makes it easy for marketers to solve their uncontrollable budget issues and track results.

      Mobile Loyalty Card

      Loyalty Cards increase the lifetime value of customers. Marketo generated Loyalty Cards are great for businesses for being able to understand the customer’s behavior as well as offering them with rewards/ incentives to make another purchase. Using Marketo loyalty cards, you can easily analyze the behavior of your customers and then customize your campaigns to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

      Beacons for In-store messaging

      Marketo integrates with the Toushay Beacon App to help marketers design effective beacon marketing programs that improve the consumer engagement experience, driving measurable business results. It helps the retailer upsell to the consumer by directing them to the specific sections of the store and suggesting products. It also offers shoppers with the capability to save products, share them through social media and even call for assistance in-store.

      Push Notifications with Resonance

      Push notifications are a great way to reach out anonymous leads without using the phone numbers or email addresses. With Marketo mobile engagement, you can create, configure, and send push notifications with resonance. It allows you to listen to your customers in the mobile channel, including how they are engaging with your push notifications. It helps you to

      • Send personalized push messages from within your Marketo campaigns
      • Add location-targeting to your Marketo campaigns
      • Send lead data from your app to Marketo
      • Add Mobile as a communication channel
      • Deliver the right customer experience


      The longitude, latitude and radius defines a geofence, creating a fence, around the location of interest. Marketo powered Geofences help to make your push notifications location centric, thus increasing the foot traffic with “near store targeting”. In-door geofences can be implemented by using iBeacons. It allows the automatic alerts to be generated on the basis of defined coordinates of a geographic area.

      Marketo powered Geofences help to

      • Engage local shoppers
      • Leverage your location
      • Add depth to analytics

      Real-time Analytics

      Real-time Analytics is the best way to analyze, monitor and react to your web site or blog’s traffic in real time. Marketo advanced analytics helps businesses measure and maximize the conversion rate and ROI of your programs across different marketing channels. It offers real time web analytics reports, including the list of page views and actions the visitor performed on the website. When you request the data for “today”, or the “current month”, the reports will include the most recent visits, making sure that you always have access to the up-to-date analytics data.

      Why should you optimize Marketo Campaign for Mobile?

      Marketo Mobile Engagement solutions offer the flexibility and power to launch targeted marketing campaigns across different channels. They help to improve the metrics across the whole app lifecycle, from getting mobile app users, driving conversions engaging them and creating business advocates.

      Marketo’s Mobile Marketing solutions help in:

      • Timely, Relevant Messaging
      • Capturing leads in your mobile apps
      • Easy Planning and Execution
      • Real Time Analytics and Reporting
      • Tracking your responses & conversion rates
      • Applying Marketo lead scoring to your mobile app users

      It’s time to Go Mobile!

      We at Grazitti InteractiveTM, help marketers to unlock new revenue by aiding them with technology and guidance they need to succeed in mobile marketing. From insights and strategy building, to mobile friendly websites and mobile application development, we offer a full suite of Marketo powered mobile marketing solutions. Companies like MobileIron, Alteryx, GE Healthcare, Xignite, Howard Hughes, Euromonitor, Optimizely and many others have trusted us for their marketing automation needs.

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