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      Creating Seamless Experiences on ON24 – A Success Story

      Mar 19, 2021

      4 minute read

      Smart marketers know that they need to create immersive brand experiences that leave a lasting impression on their audiences. To ace their impression, marketers craft different content styles to delight audiences and ‘webinars or webcasts’ usually top their charts.

      One of our customers wanted to engage their customers by setting up webcasts and webinars using ON24 as a platform. That’s where our marketing automation wizards stepped in to build, design, and maintain the ON24 sessions for their end-users. We helped the customer ace their digital tales with finesse. Here’s the full story.

      How it Began

      Our customer, a leading software company based in Irvine, CA, was using Marketo as its marketing automation platform and wanted to engage their target audience through exceptional digital experiences, not just bland events that won’t catch attention. They were looking to:

      • Create engaging and interactive sessions
      • Create independent templates based on regions
      • Add multiple timings in the template
      • Get insights through effective reporting
      • Create a registration form in ON24 and auto-responder emails
      • Handle multi-registration through ON24

      ON24 was definitely the perfect fit for our customer’s needs. Here’s why:

      • It is a robust webinar software platform.
      • It offers incredible tools to create personalized webinars, content, and virtual event experiences to delight audiences.
      • It easily helps to engage prospects and customers on a global scale.
      • It has a significant international presence, especially, in regions like North America, EMEA, APAC, etc.

      What We Did

      After a thorough assessment of their requirements, we did some research on how we can unleash the full potential of ON24 to help our customers meet their goals. Here’s what we did.

      1. Used Widgets to Create Interactive Sessions

      ON24 offers a variety of options to add widgets/engagement tools to elevate customer experience such as:

      • Call-to-action – This tool helps you fuel ongoing engagement with CTAs even after a live or simulated live webinar ends.
      • Media player – This widget plays the audio/video for your webcast. Also, for archived events, your attendees could pause, fast-forward, or rewind the webcast presentation.
      • Resource list – The widget enables you to add documents, presentations, URLs, or podcasts to your webcast.
      • Surveys – The survey widget allows you to gather feedback from your webcast attendees.

      We helped the customer capture valuable insights from their audience by using widgets such as surveys, which helped them make their sessions interactive and get real-time feedback from their users about the quality of the session. Thus, they could maintain and improve customer experiences.

      2. Created Independent Templates Based on Regions

      To make the customer’s sessions more appealing and targeted, we created independent ON24 templates based on different regions and helped them customize their ON24 Webcast Console Builder to give the webinars a visual appeal.

      3. Enabled Support for Multiple Time Zones

      In general, ON24 supports only single timing which means that it only accepts one time zone by default, when scheduling a session. However, our customer wanted to iron out the time zone difference to reach out to their global audience and have an option that supports multiple time zones. We figured out a way around it by making code-level changes to the given template so that they can support multiple time zones when scheduling a session and easily engage their global audience.

      4. Provided Extensive Support for Effective Reporting

      ON24’s powerful, real-time dashboard offers metrics such as:

      • Engagement score
      • Total registrants who registered through ON24
      • Attendees vs Registrants rate
      • Registration page conversion

      We helped them with all kinds of queries that were related to the reporting metrics of their webinars so that they could identify the best leads.

      5. Created a Registration Form in ON24 and Auto-Responder Emails

      ON24 offers multiple options to engage its end-users. Our customer wanted to create a form in ON24 so that they could engage their end-users globally and help their sales team to promote their webinars independently.

      To do this, we created a registration form that captures leads and linked them to their Marketo instance. This helped them capture leads not just through Marketo but also through the ON24 portal. Additionally, we assisted them in creating independent auto-responders, reminders, and follow-up emails for their respective webinars.

      6. Enabled Multi-Registration Through ON24

      To consistently engage their audience, the customer offered great content on the loop. For example, a webcast series so that their audiences continue to connect with them and stay invested in their brand.

      ON24 offers multi-registration independently through the platform itself. So, we created a solution where we made it possible for prospects to get registered to multiple webcasts by filling in a single master registration form. By doing this, we successfully created a complete webinar series hosted entirely on ON24.

      With the help of our Marketo experts, the customer was able to capture valuable insights about their audiences through interactive, data-rich webcast sessions, and content experiences. The customization enabled them to effectively engage end-users based on their regions. This helped them connect with their global audience and make smarter data-driven business decisions.

      Do you wish to deliver exceptional digital tales? Talk to us!

      Our Marketo experts would love to help you elevate your digital efforts. Just drop in a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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