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      Deliver Exceptional Experiences With the Power of Dynamic Content

      Jul 02, 2020

      3 minute read

      “Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.” – Tony Zambito

      Today the marketers’ minds are in perpetual motion thinking about all the cool tools they can use to offer delightful customer experiences. Personalization is often used by marketers to deliver exceptional experiences. Sometimes the terms “personalization” and “dynamic content” are used interchangeably but, in fact, they’re different. Here’s how:

      – Personalization is the user experience that marketers aim to deliver based on customer preferences and previous engagement.
      – Dynamic content is what helps marketers execute their personalization strategy.

      Dynamic content provides a more relevant experience because buyers are looking for a unique, personalized experience and they won’t settle for anything less.

      In this blog post, you’ll come away with understanding how you can leverage the power of dynamic content to amplify your marketing efforts.

      What is dynamic content?

      Dynamic content is the brain behind your personalization efforts as you can use it on your website, landing pages, and emails since it changes based on user preferences, behavior, or any other criteria that you set.

      Dynamic content, when mixed with marketing automation, allows you to deliver highly-tailored messaging to the right audience leaving them in awe of you.

      For instance, Netflix analyzes its users’ behavior to present relevant genres as recommendations.

      Dynamic content helps:

      • increase engagement
      • boost conversion rates
      • better customer experience
      • amplify your efforts while saving time and money

      How can you start with dynamic content?

      Just as you walk before you can run, similarly, start small with dynamic content. You may begin by creating buyer personas that’ll help you deliver personalized messages better and then segment your leads based on:

      • lifecycle stage
      • firmographics
      • lead score
      • psychographics
      • demographics

      How can you deliver dynamic content?


      Dynamic content, when placed right through your marketing automation platform, can bring you data-driven insights. Instead of guessing what your customers want, you’ll know what your customers really want. With your MAP, you can:

      1. Personalize website experience: Lead behavior is a good indicator of what your leads are likely to set their heart to. Use your visitors’ demographic and activity data to offer them personalized product recommendations or give information about the pricing of a particular product or service that they frequently visit on your website.

      2. Boost your landing pages: Use customer data from your CRM/MAP to create landing pages that are tailored to your customers’ specific interests with dynamic content placed in the headers or in the call-to-action (CTA). For instance, when you create event landing pages, you’d use dynamic content to target your selected personas for different offerings that you’d be exhibiting at the event.

      3. Personalize emails: 65% of email marketers state that dynamic content is their most effective personalization tactic. And we couldn’t agree more. Your subscribers may get the same email but the content can be tailored based on their buyer personas or past behavior like personalized images, subject lines, product offers, and even the CTAs.

      It’s a no brainer that dynamic content is the way to go to stay ahead of the pack. Make sure you A/B test your dynamic content to see what works best for your unique business needs. You can always add more creative ideas in your dynamic content to level up your marketing efforts.

      Do you wish to delight your customers with dynamic content? Talk to us!

      Our savvy marketing automation team knows a thing or two about creating engaging dynamic content. Feel free to drop a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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