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      Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences With Salesforce Commerce Cloud

      Nov 02, 2023

      4 minute read

      Going to brick-and-mortar stores is fun unless you have to face a crowded aisle, do scavenger hunt for the choice of your products, and wait in a queue for payment.

      However, eCommerce has reshaped the retail industry. Customers can just browse their favorite retail store online, choose products with a single click or buy and sell them.

      At the same time, eCommerce platforms come with some limitations that impact a great customer experience.

      These limitations occur in the form of payment failures, complex checkout processes, unresponsive web pages, customer support, and more.

      And all of these can be resolved with one viable solution – Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a game-changer in the eCommerce space.

      It is a powerful cloud-based commerce platform that comes with numerous features, useful tools, and commerce portals for scaling your online business and helping you create stellar shopping experiences for your customers.

      In this blog post, you’ll learn about the eCommerce industry and what makes Salesforce Commerce Cloud a smart solution to future-proof the eCommerce industry.

      How is the eCommerce Industry Likely to Grow in the Future?

      Currently, the eCommerce industry is booming magnanimously.

      According to research[i], it is expected to make 24% of global retail sales by 2026.

      With the evolution of various eCommerce platforms while retailers can expect a boost in sales, cost reduction, and exports, customers can experience a faster buying process.

      The behavioral shift of customers to digital purchases will increase rapidly. In fact, according to research[ii], worldwide eCommerce sales is projected to reach $58.74 Trillion by 2028.

      Undoubtedly, the eCommerce industry is growing constantly. However, as we live in a hyperconnected era, there is a rise in demand for personalized shopping experiences, enhanced mobile shopping experiences, advanced omnichannel functionalities, unified data for better customer insights, and much more.

      Therefore, it is crucial to choose a platform that serves all these needs.

      And that’s where Salesforce Commerce Cloud chimes in!

      With an array of powerful features, it helps you to deliver unified, personalized, and exceptional eCommerce experiences.

      A Brief Insight into Salesforce Commerce Cloud

      A Brief Insight into Salesforce Commerce Cloud

      Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a leading B2B and B2C commerce solution that allows brands to create unified, personalized buying/selling experiences across all digital channels.

      Furthermore, it is a part of Salesforce Digital 360 that allows you to sell and interact with your customers across various channels.

      Let’s take a look at a few of its benefits:

      • Better Decision Making
      • Salesforce Commerce Cloud has Einstein AI that isn’t common among other platforms. With this, you get an AI edge for better decision-making by analyzing user behavior, providing personalized recommendations to users, and improving the search experience with Einstein Search Recommendations.

      • Managing Multiple Storefronts
      • Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows brands to manage numerous storefronts at different locations across the globe. This helps to easily manage multiple intricacies like billing, pricing, product availability along with product data sets for different stores.

      • Mobile Shopping Experience
      • Salesforce Commerce Cloud lays a great emphasis on the mobile-first approach. It helps customers to shop better, faster, and easier. Also, with a mobile-first approach, service reps can track inventory, create reports, and connect with the customers more conveniently.

      • Order Management
      • It helps brands to sell wherever their customers shop. This helps them to fulfill the order on any channel with the ability to sell in-store products online, ship smarter with advanced algorithms for routing, manage order lifecycles, and encode orders consistently.

      • Personalized Shopping Experiences
      • Delivering personalized customer experiences enables you to strengthen your customer base. That’s where Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Customer Service Center can be your closest ally. It gives you insights about your digital store and each shopper. Along with this, you get a dashboard at the back-end with details of products, customer behavior, order histories, and more that help you offer personalized services.

      Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Helping Businesses Overcome eCommerce Challenges

      Businesses in the eCommerce space are continuously reinventing themselves to deliver great customer experiences and build a strong online presence.

      However, they continuously face challenges like:

      – Understanding customer behavior
      – Order fulfillment
      – Measuring business performance
      – Meeting customer expectations

      And more!

      That’s where Salesforce Commerce Cloud steps in as a one-stop solution for these challenges. It is a highly scalable platform that offers robust and top-of-the-line solutions.

      With its advanced tools and automation capabilities, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps eCommerce businesses monitor customer behavior, deliver personalized customer experiences, carry out seamless order fulfillment, and grow revenue.

      A Few Examples of Retailers Leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud

      Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps brands to scale their online business, ace their digital outreach, generate high revenue streams, enhance scalability, and much more.

      In fact, according to research[iii], in 2023, over 7560 companies have already started using Salesforce Commerce Cloud as an eCommerce platform.

      Here’s a quick look at how some businesses across the retail industry benefit through it.

      Adidas, one of the largest sportswear brands, has been using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance its digital presence. Also, the company has yielded significant eCommerce sales by leveraging the core features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

      Ralph Lauren, an American apparel brand has been using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to provide its customers with a better online shopping experience. From virtual merchandising to order automation, Salesforce Commerce Cloud simplifies the entire eCommerce functionality, helping the brand to deliver a great shopping experience.

      Walmart Commerce Technologies has partnered with Salesforce to help retailers thrive with enhanced technology. With this partnership, Walmart enables retailers to find their local delivery solutions on AppExchange. This will help retailers improve their local order fulfillment and enhance their omni-channel experience as it empowers them to:

      • Buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) with Walmart Store Assist
      • Manage local deliveries with Walmart GoLocal solution
      • Leverage AI and real-time data to give customers connected, personalized experiences with Salesforce Commerce Cloud


      Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly-scalable, cloud-based solution that offers rich features, allowing brands to deliver seamless shopping experiences across every digital platform. With inherent features like multi-site management in Commerce Cloud, businesses can launch new eCommerce stores and enter new markets. This solution uses Einstein AI to connect brands and customers better and is poised to help businesses strengthen their eCommerce operations in the future.

      Want to Deliver Stellar Shopping Experiences With Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Talk to Us!

      If you want any assistance with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, our Salesforce mavericks would love to pitch in. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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