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      Dominate the Marketing League With HubSpot-WordPress Plugin

      Jun 16, 2020

      4 minute read

      While your customers seek a better experience, you may be asking yourself, “How do I juggle several aspects of marketing efficiently without breaking the bank?”.

      Well, you need not move heaven and earth to delight your customers. HubSpot’s WordPress plugin can do the work for you. This plugin extends the functionality of your WordPress website and adds superior features of HubSpot that help you attract, engage, and delight your customers through one common channel. Read on to know how.

      How do WordPress plugins work?

      WordPress plugins collect data from your website and automatically transfer it to a CRM. For instance, if a prospect engages in a live chat with their email or phone number, a CRM plugin will take that information and automatically create a new contact for that person.

      Why should you choose the HubSpot-WordPress Plugin?

      The HubSpot-WordPress Plugin has the entire package, be it forms, pop-ups, live chats, they’re all powered by a powerful CRM holding the reins. If there’s one thing we know, being a HubSpot-Certified Partner Agency, is that your team can fuel your lead generation and conversions with this plugin.

      The HubSpot-WordPress Plugin gives you:

      • storage of up to 1,000,000 contacts
      • list segmentation
      • email marketing (up to 2000 sends per month)
      • analytics dashboard
      • live chat
      • conversational bots
      • meeting scheduling tools
      • ticketing
      • ad management (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads)

      When you bring this powerful asset into your inbound strategy, the benefits are significant. The HubSpot-WordPress plugin:

      • understands visitors’ behavior
      • improves lead capture
      • implements automated nurturing
      • improves sales conversion
      • refines analytics and sales lead insights
      • increases organic website traffic
      • increases view to lead rate

      This plugin gives your business a holistic view of your contacts and how your customers engage on your website. The range of features that the HubSpot- WordPress plugin offers are:

      Forms & Popups: Use the intuitive drag and drop builder to create a blank form or choose from the following pre-built template options on your website:

      • registration
      • contact us
      • newsletter sign-up
      • eBook download

      Like every other form plugin, you can choose the form you want, be it pop-up or in-line. You get to decide the form placement, scroll percent, or time delay for appearance. With HubSpot’s advanced filtering based on your visitors’ behavior, you can choose which pages you want your pop-ups displayed on. If you prefer to use your existing forms and pop-up tools, HubSpot lets you do that as it integrates with most of the WordPress forms and popup builders. Even if you don’t have forms on your website, HubSpot has a free form builder that you can use.

      CRM & Contact Management: With this plugin, all website forms filled by your visitors automatically sync with your HubSpot CRM. This simplifies how you manage your contacts, segment them into lists, and see insights on interactions they’ve had with your website. For instance, if non-customers are perusing through your product pricing, you can help them with a tailored chatbot.

      Email & Marketing Automation: The plugin gives you several insights in your HubSpot instance about the leads you receive through your website so that you’re able to aid demand generation with personalized content. Analyze what kind of content your contact is engaging with on your website and use this information and the one you collect anytime they fill out a form or engage with your chatbots. This will enable you to send relevant, personalized messages to your contact database and you get an added benefit of over 20 pre-designed HubSpot templates. So you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing!

      Live Chat & Chatbots: Customers no longer want to interact via ticketing systems, they want quick answers. Let your website visitors ask you questions and engage with them through live chats. To help automate lead capture, add 24/7 chatbots to your website to know more about your visitors.

      Built-in Analytics Dashboard: The plugin offers you an easy way to analyze your WordPress website’s performance. The built-in dashboard in the plugin menu makes it easy to understand which sales and marketing actions are working for you and which aren’t. Since all of your contact data is stored in your HubSpot account, you can easily view basic reports and analyze each part of your business. Since all your emails are automatically logged into your HubSpot CRM and include reports for open and click rates, you can measure each email’s engagement.

      Easy Integrations: Besides managing and optimizing marketing efforts for your WordPress website, with this plugin you can sync with over 300 native integrations including Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, and more.

      What makes the HubSpot-WordPress plugin special?

      When it comes to accelerating the performance of two best-in-the-business platforms, there are many ways which make it the special sauce for your marketing recipe:

      1. Simplified contact management: You can use lists in the plugin to create filtered groups of your contacts based on their specific interactions, behavior, etc. The best part is that they’re all tied up together in your HubSpot CRM.

      2. Enhanced WordPress SEO with HubSpot: The suggested keywords tool in HubSpot helps you to figure out what keywords to target. Besides displaying standard SEO metrics, to bring your content to Google’s first page, HubSpot provides recommendations to improve SEO and existing content rankings.

      3. Improved lead generation and lead tracking: Place lead generation forms in strategic places throughout your WordPress website, A/B test content pieces, and give your readers access to additional resources that are highly sorted. For example, if you have a list of ways to enhance lead nurturing on your WordPress instance, you could give readers an in-depth version of that list as a PDF download if they fill a form with their email address. Get insights from your HubSpot analytics on buying intent, fit, interactions, and then nurture leads through your marketing funnel accordingly.

      If you’ve read this far, you probably are considering the two best-in-class tools to work together as they are a super-powerful duo. To enhance your inbound marketing efforts, be sure to use the Hubspot WordPress Plugin.

      Has the HubSpot-WordPress enhanced your marketing ops yet? Let’s Talk.

      If yes, you’re already an inbound champion. If not, fret not. Grazitti’s got your back. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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