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      Dreamforce 15: All you got to know about it!

      Jun 23, 2015

      3 minute read

      What a perfect advent to Dreamforce 15 – A 300+ Feature-rich Summer ’15 release and Salesforce entering the Fortune-500 league. Marc Benioff quoted on the development: “This is a huge milestone for Salesforce, and a great validation of our dedication to the cloud and customer success, as well as the trust our customers place in us.”

      With this great news, Dreamforce 15 gets even bigger this year!

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      With a jam packed Silicon Valley, non-vacant hotels, purple skyline of the city, never sleeping roads, and a beautiful Moscone Centre hosting the biggest event of San Francisco – there’s a lot more you got to know about Dreamforce 2015. Have a look:

      Date, Venue & Bookings

      • Dreamforce 15 registrations opened in January with $999 as Early Bird registrations. Now, with less than 90 days left for the biggest cloud expo of the year, the registration fee as gone up to $1399 until July 14th.
      • Dreamforce 15 is scheduled between 15th and 18th September, 2015, at the Moscone Centre, San Francisco, CA.
      • With 140,000 registered attendees during Dreamforce 14 last year, this time it’s expected to get even bigger.
      • A hotel is a rare commodity around the Dreamforce event every year, which is why it is suggested to get your accommodations booked well in advance.

      What’s New?


      • Considering the lodging scarcity and the Dreamforce 15 craze across the Salesforce lovers, this time, Dreamforce has organized a Dreamboat – a luxury Cruise Liner to be docked on the San Francisco’s Pacific Bay – Pier 27.
      • With 150,000 anticipated attendees for Dreamforce ’15 – the Gala gets bigger than ever this time. The Dreamforce 15 Gala & UCSF Benefit is scheduled for Thursday, September 17th evening, after 6.30 pm.
      • Saasy and Chatty are loved ones when it comes to fun at Dreamforce. With all kind of wonderful activities, Saasy and Chatty are set to come in with new cool things to entertain and pose pictures with everyone around.

      Saasy ChattyImage credits:


      Dreamforce sessions are a pathway to innovation and enhancements to transform the way organizations of all sizes and roles are working.

      • While Dreamforce 15 is set to unveil a lot of new features and products, you can have a hands on chance for a demo or learn about how they can help you transform your business by choosing to attend from among 1500+ breakout sessions at Dreamforce 15.
      • I shall keep you posted on the keynote speakers though, the famous Marc Benioff and Parker Harris Q & A session has been scheduled as the closing session for September 18th, between 1.30 – 2.30 pm.

      DF14 KeynoteImage credits:

      Why should you attend Dreamforce 15?

      The keynotes, the sessions, the networking opportunity, the chance to meet new people, the awesome party nights, the superb concert – apart from all this, there still are reasons you just can’t miss Dreamforce 15. Attendees in the past have reported improvements across key business metrics for sales, service & support, communities, marketing, admin & IT, analytics, mobile and more. On an average, there has been a:

      • 30% increase in sales productivity
      • 33% increase in customer satisfaction
      • 32% enhancement in operative productivity
      • 41% increase in lead flow
      • 58% faster deployment of IT projects

      Missing out on Dreamforce means missing out on learnings about new features, enhancements, demos, launches, networking, and a lot more. There is still a lot to be revealed about Dreamforce 15 and anything that adds up, I shall keep you posted. Meanwhile, have a look at what all happened in the latest Salesforce Release – The Summer ’15 Release. For any other help you need with Salesforce implementation and optimization, just drop us a mail at [email protected].

      Disclaimer: Salesforce, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Dreamforce, etc. are all trademarks of Inc.



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