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      Foster Sales & Marketing Alignment With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

      Jul 28, 2023

      4 minute read

      In today’s fast-paced business world, where customers expect every experience to be connected and every service to be personalized, sales simply cannot exist without marketing and vice-versa.

      However, the elusive quest to bridge the gap between these two departments often remains an uphill battle. But not with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly known as Pardot.

      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a game-changing tool that streamlines your sales and marketing alignment like never before. This cutting-edge solution enables you to bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams, transforming them into a well-oiled revenue-generating machine.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about the challenges that businesses face during sales & marketing alignment, and how Account Engagement can help.

      Challenges That Businesses May Face During Marketing & Sales Alignment

      52.2% of the salespeople reported that the biggest impact of sales and marketing team misalignment is lost revenue. In fact, 60% of global respondents in a survey said that misalignment between marketing and sales could damage their ROI potential[i].

      Marketing & Sales Alignment Stat
      Marketing & Sales Alignment Stat

      Here are some key challenges that may stand in the way of marketing and sales alignment:

      • Sales teams often express frustration with the quality of leads generated by marketing, perceiving them as ineffective.
      • Salespeople and marketers frequently find themselves at odds when identifying and addressing the obstacles they encounter.
      • Marketing generates a plethora of content that is not always relevant or valuable to the sales teams, leading them to create their own material.
      • Both sales and marketing teams struggle to maintain a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys, resulting in lost opportunities.
      • The organization lacks consensus on the most effective tactics and winning strategies, leading to a lack of alignment among teams.

      How Does Account Engagement Help in Sales & Marketing Alignment?

      Utilizing Account Engagement/Pardot for sales and marketing alignment offers several benefits that can significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of both teams. Here are the key advantages:

      1. Seamless Lead Management

      Account Engagement provides a comprehensive lead management system that enables both sales and marketing teams to track and manage leads effectively. The platform allows for automated lead nurturing, scoring, and routing, ensuring that leads are handed off to sales at the right time, with the right information.

      2. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

      Account Engagement facilitates better collaboration and communication between sales and marketing teams by providing a shared platform to exchange information, insights, and feedback. Teams can align their efforts, share campaign data, and collaborate on lead nurturing strategies, leading to improved coordination and a unified approach.

      3. Holistic View of Prospect Engagement

      With Account Engagement, both sales and marketing teams gain a comprehensive view of prospect engagement. They can track prospect activities, including website visits, email interactions, and content consumption, allowing for a deeper understanding of prospect interests and behaviors. This information enables more personalized and targeted interactions throughout the sales cycle.

      4. Integrated Marketing Automation

      Account Engagement’s marketing automation capabilities empower marketers to create and execute targeted, personalized campaigns at scale. They can automate lead nurturing, segment prospects based on specific criteria, and deliver relevant content to move them through the sales funnel. This automation streamlines marketing processes and frees up time for teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

      5. Sales Enablement and Empowerment

      Account Engagement equips sales teams with valuable insights and tools to engage with prospects effectively. They can access prospect activity data, lead scores, and behavioral information, enabling them to have more informed and tailored conversations. Pardot also enables the creation of personalized email templates and sales collateral, empowering sales reps to deliver consistent and compelling messaging.

      6. Robust Analytics and Reporting

      Account Engagement provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to measure and track campaign performance, lead generation, and sales pipeline metrics. Both sales and marketing teams can gain insights into the effectiveness of their efforts, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

      7. Improved ROI and Revenue Generation

      By aligning sales and marketing efforts through Account Engagement, organizations can experience increased ROI and revenue generation. The streamlined lead management, personalized campaigns, enhanced sales enablement, and data-driven decision-making result in improved conversion rates, higher-quality leads, and better overall business outcomes.

      The Bottom Line

      Achieving alignment between sales and marketing is crucial as it directly impacts the overall success of marketing efforts. The satisfaction of sales teams plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome, making it crucial to establish a state of alignment.

      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement streamlines your sales and marketing alignment by enabling personalized communication, fostering collaboration between teams, facilitating lead scoring and prioritization, and enabling closed-loop reporting. By leveraging this tool, you can create a more seamless and efficient sales and marketing process, ultimately driving better results for your organization.

      Ready to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams Effectively With Pardot? Let’s Talk!

      Our Account Engagement experts will be happy to play a part in your marketing journey and help you stay ahead of the curve. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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