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      Get a Report for Interesting Moments in Marketo

      Nov 19, 2015

      3 minute read

      Interesting Moments in Marketo are a good way to improve sales and marketing alignment in your company. If you want to learn how Interesting Moments work, you can read them here on Marketo Docs.

      Interesting Moments are one of the juiciest features in Marketo, but I see very fewer marketers using them. Since there is no out-of-the-box report in Marketo Analytics for Interesting Moments, marketers do not get the complete visibility. While a report for the interesting moments is a popular idea in Marketo community, we still need to wait till Marketo makes it live. However, we recently implemented a workaround for achieving this. The workaround allows you to get a report of Interesting Moments by the Lead directly in your inbox. Here is what we did:

      1. Create 2 new custom fields in SFDC on Lead and Contact Object:
        • Most Recent Interesting Moment (Type: Text)
        • All Interesting Moments (Type: Text Area)
      2. After the fields are created, go to the flow of the campaign where you are creating the Interesting Moment.
        • Here, add a step for Change Data Value:
        • Most Recent Interesting Moment =
        • {{lead.Last Interesting Moment Type}} . {{lead.Last Interesting Moment Desc}}
        • This would concatenate latest Interesting Moment Type and Description.

      Interesting Moments in Marketo

      1. Add a wait for 5 minutes, which is optional.
      2. Add Another Flow step for updating the value of All Interesting Moments. You can add a separator for distinction between the two interesting moments.
        All Interesting Moments = {{lead.All Interesting Moments}} ► {{lead.Recent Interesting Moment}}

      Interesting Moments in Marketo

      1. Test the campaign with test records and by creating multiple interesting moments. Once tested, activate it for all the leads.
      2. Create a Smart List and add a filter to get the leads in which ‘Most Recent Interesting Moment’ changed the previous day.

      Interesting Moments in Marketo

      1. Update your default lead view to include Most Recent Interesting Moment and All Interesting Moments.

      Interesting Moments in Marketo

      1. Add a daily subscription for the leads that would be coming from this Smart list.

      Interesting Moments in Marketo

      This is a basic version of reporting but can be helpful to get a better visibility. We are building another report for Interesting Moments using Custom Objects in Marketo, which can give you reporting for each Interesting Moment. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we can do more with this report. Feel free to drop a line at [email protected] if you need help with similar challenges in Marketo.

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