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      Handpicked Sessions to get you most of the Marketo Summit 2015, San Francisco, this April 2015

      Mar 20, 2015

      3 minute read

      Apart from the talk of the town about Marketo Marketing Nation Summit’s Celeb guests – Arianna Huffington, Phil Fernandez, Salman Khan, and John Legend, there is a lot that you should lock your calendars on, in the summit.

      Like every year, this year too, the Marketing Nation Summit is all set to host dynamic and rich sessions full of strategic takeaways that will ascertain incredible investment to your business. To truly make the most of the Innovation in the Nation – the Marketo Nation Summit, we have handpicked some of the sessions out of 100+ sessions, that are a must attend!

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      [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Have a look:

      1. 5 Use Cases of Predictive Marketing
        Date & Time: April 15th at 2:00 pm
        Predictive marketing has seen a lot of emergence over the last year. With so many options available in its tools and usability, it is very difficult to decide on how to use this evolving technology. This session will help you learn the 5 main ways predictive analytics can be applied to marketing. Be it improving conversion rates, perfecting personas, website messaging with real time personalization, identifying new target markets, or evaluating marketing campaigns, you’ll learn how the predictive marketing isn’t just for lead scoring any more.
      2. A Customer Journey Deconstructed: Putting Customers First to Drive Revenue and Loyalty
        Date & Time: April 14th at 1:00 pm
        Customer-engagement is the key to sales. Learn about a marketing-driven sales-accelerated SaaS trial experience that has been 100% customer-centric. This session will also cover insights about how to scale automation to hold 1,000+ customers conversations monthly, how to use Marketo + Salesforce + Product API to target large revenue deals, how to leverage Revenue Cycle Analytics to clearly view a Customer Journey
        Also, learn about the strategies that have been successfully implied to personalize and increase conversion throughout the entire funnel, like easy-to-implement personalization, drip campaign frameworks with 80% above open rates, and more.
      3. Chaos Theory, Superheroes, & Agility: Enterprise Marketing Automation Maturity at Google
        Date & Time: April 15th at 2:00 pm
        This will be a super interesting session that will share the exciting story of Chaos, Superheroes and the agility it takes to be successful with Marketing Automation for a huge Global Enterprise like Google. Being a new adopter, learn how Google leveraged the superpower of Marketing Automation. They will also introduce you to some of their superheroes whose amazing Marketo Programs brought praises and results.
      4. How to Plan for Next-Gen Marketing: The Channels, the Metrics and the Lifecycle
        Date & Time: April 15th at 11:40 am
        Learn how George Washington University changed the way they engage with their target audience: prospective students. This session will cover the emerging significance of clearly defining processes, marketing channels, customer lifecycles and metrics in the way towards modern marketing.
      5. Marketing in the Year 2020: A Perfect VisionDate & Time: April 14th at 2:00 pm
        This session will get you on top of the evolving technologies in marketing and business models. As big data gets bigger, see how marketers can deepen the bond with their customers. Learn about the future of marketing with predictions for marketing technology over the next 5 years, recommendations of growing technologies in the Marketo environment, predictions for leveraging new marketing technologies, and best practices for personalizing customer journeys and relationship marketing.

      Let’s catch up at the Event (Marketo Marketing Nation Summit), and know Marketing Automation more!

      We (Grazitti InteractiveTM), are excited about our attendance at the Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit as Launchpoint Sponsors – Booth #32, Moscone Centre, San Francisco. Grazitti Interactive understands your marketing requirements. Our team of Marketo certified professionals have expertise in Marketo services like implementation, integration, design, development, management, reporting and support, that help you drive maximum revenue. Companies like Alteryx, GE Healthcare, Xignite, Howard Hughes, Euromonitor, Optimizely and many others have trusted us for their marketing automation needs. Just drop us a mail to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you.

      See you there!



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