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      How Can You Cleanse & De-dupe Existing Records in Marketo?

      Dec 31, 2015

      2 minute read

      A marketing automation system works effectively only if the instance has the accurate lead information. Marketo offers easy to use solutions that allow users to manage and merge leads in order to have an up-to-date database. Most Marketo instances may have duplicates that enter the database from multiple sources including manual entries, web-to-lead, list imports & integration. It is important to remember that Marketo doesn’t automatically de-duplicate pre-existing leads within a database. Therefore, a more matured merging process is required to clean the database.


      Before we jump on to the solution that allows advanced duplicate prevention, check out what problems caused due to the duplicates in Marketo:

      • Inaccurate Lead Scoring: Inaccurate lead scoring leads to a miscalculation of MQLs. Even worse, hot leads are left behind in Marketo, which means loss of revenue on the leads that you might be closed.
      • Inaccurate Analytics: Duplicate leads records in Marketo reduce ROI of marketing campaigns and result in skewed data in reports.
      • Increased Cost of Marketo: Marketo charges you on the size of your database. In other words, it continues to charge you for the unnecessary duplicates that keep piling up in your database.

      An advanced Custom De-Dupe Solution

      Marketo experts at Grazitti have built a custom De-dupe solution in Marketo that cleanses and dedupes your data automatically. As a lead is created in Marketo, the custom De-dupe solution ensures that the information submitted to the database is unique and unduplicated. This custom De-dupe solution removes the poor quality data from Marketo and reduces the lead volume cost as Marketo charges you on the known leads in your database.

      The custom De-dupe solution works in the following steps:

      • Creates custom rules & filters: A custom data audit report is created, which defines the filters to merge records of different nature, e.g. leads vs contacts
      • Triggers a webhook to block duplicate leads: As soon as a new lead is created/updated in Marketo, a webhook is triggered, which identifies duplicate leads, accounts, and contacts
      • Merges duplicate leads & updates records: Duplicate leads are merged with the primary lead, including the activity log. Once merged in Marketo, records are merged in Salesforce. Merging two leads in Marketo automatically merges the leads in Salesforce
      • Syncs leads in Salesforce/CRM: After the leads are merged in Marketo, they are synced in Salesforce/other CRM

      Some Custom Lead Merging Rules

      Sample Dedupe Rules

      Note: These rules can be customized as per your requirement

      Challenged with duplicate leads? Get the solution now!

      Grazitti Interactive, a marketing technology company, also a Marketo Launchpoint partner, works with a number of Salesforce and Marketo customers in technology, banking & financial services, healthcare and more. Grazitti’s custom De-dupe solution merges leads with duplicate email IDs and similar details, giving you a clean lead database. Grazitti’s lead merge solution can be implemented for one-time clean up, as well as a real-time lead merge solution. For more information, just drop us a line at [email protected]

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