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      How to Get the Healthiest Marketo Instance

      Sep 24, 2018

      3 minute read

      Marketers! Are you getting the most out of Marketo? Are you uncertain of its stability? Or did your marketing operations folks head for the hills? Either way, if you find yourself pondering over these questions, it may be time for a Marketo Health Audit.

      What is a Marketo Health Audit?

      It is a diagnostic engagement, that after dozens of implementations, covers your entire Marketo platform, providing you with a detailed usage report and a set of absolutely specific, prioritized recommendations to optimize the results that Marketo is capable of delivering. The health check process usually takes about 10-15 hours. Since a Marketo audit is conducted as a part of a larger discovery and rebuild, it’s best to get an outside perspective with cross-industry and cross-functional experience to yield the latest marketing automation best practices, a fresh set of eyes, if you will.


      Why do you need a Marketo Health Audit?

      The main purpose of a Marketo health audit is to get an overview of the observations of an organization’s Marketo instance and a roadmap to its future growth and success. It digs deep into the weeds of the current Marketo implement, outlining observations, recommendations for improvements, and client feedback. In addition to this, you also receive a comprehensive documentation of the platform in its ideal versus current state. The biggest benefit of this audit is that you save an enormous amount of time and money and all you’re left with is the healthiest Marketo instance.

      What is ‘Grazitti’s Approach’ towards a Marketo Health Audit?

      Our review methodology focuses on learning about the current processes of your marketing automation and CRM instances. This involves an in-depth exploration of your business processes and a list creation of objectives. The next step is a deep-dive into each process so as to list down all the current workflows to determine how successfully they’re helping your teams. This list is then reviewed, internally, with several marketing automation experts to identify any gap areas or issues. This discussion leads to a list of recommendations for each of the observations from the in-depth exploration. The final stage is to jot down the priorities/steps to create a well-aligned marketing and sales system.

      What are the Marketo Health Audit components?

      1. Website: This component constitutes of optimization of forms, pre-fill and progressive profiling, and website tracking. The recommendations based on the observations of these would increase your inbound lead collection, decrease your cost per lead (CPL), and increase lead quality.

      2. Marketo Operations: In this component, you’d get a review of instance organization, lead scoring, lead routing, customer lifecycle management, and marketing attribution. What you’d get out of this component review are increased efficiency of marketing activities, an increase in scalability of deployment of programs, and an intuitive and easily graspable instance.

      3. Data Management: In data management, you’d be able to determine the current state of the lead database that consists of all kinds of leads, be it, unsubscribed, blacklisted, marketing suspended leads, duplicates, active, inactive, etc. By receiving recommendations on the lead database status, you’d end up with reduced data cost and ineffective processing time, increased efficiency of marketing efforts, reduced possible subscription costs, boosted performance, and more time for content planning and demand generation due to improved data quality. In the data management component, you also get an observation around the Email Preference/Subscription Center, the value addition for which would be decreased CPL, reduced unsubscribes, and increased active leads and MQLs.

      4. Demand Generation: This component consists of a weighted analysis of the standard programs (email blasts, events, etc.), nurture programs (drip programs and engagement programs), referral programs, email deliverability and management (for last 30 days), and email bounce category report (for last 6 months).

      5. Content: In this component, your content is thoroughly reviewed. You also receive reports on your top performing assets (landing pages, emails, etc.). The value that’s in it for you is effective and efficient communication of proposition to drive form conversions.

      6. Admin: The ‘Admin’ account is keenly observed to ensure that all Marketo services function flawlessly.

      All marketers wish for healthy Marketo instances, you’re no different, and we’re no different. So, don’t procrastinate, identify the gaps in your current Marketo Implementation, get recommendations to improve performance and ROI, and become a ‘Marketo Rockstar’ in your organization!

      Is your Marketo instance the healthiest ever?

      While you tackle the other high priority items on your plate, our Marketo wizards would be happy to help you get the healthiest instance ever. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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