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      How to Increase Employee Effort Score Through 3 Salesforce Service Cloud Enhancements

      Jul 12, 2019

      4 minute read

      If your goal is to deliver an effortless customer experience, then you must have answers ready for the following questions:

      • Have you identified the employee groups involved in delivering customer experience?
      • Are you aware of the tasks that these employees are expected to perform?
      • What are the workflows and processes that enable them to complete the task?
      • How to empower employees to do their jobs better?

      There is a direct correlation between employee effort and customer experience. If you are focusing on employee experience, it will directly impact customers’ perception of their overall experience with your business.

      It also has a deep impact on customer satisfaction and retention.
      The employee Net Promoter Score provides valuable insights into the employees’ advocacy, loyalty, and commitment, Employee Effort Score (EES), and measures the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees’ performance on the job.

      Creating an employee experience is the first step to providing a customer experience that is both productive and profitable.

      After all, your employees are the innovators of your business and services. From sales, marketing, and support, every employee is responsible for their own limited part in the overall customer journey.

      Let us explain to you—with examples—the importance of increased employee effort score through three of Grazitti’s Salesforce Service Cloud enhancements.

      Top 3 Service Cloud Enhancements

      Sinergify—A Salesforce-Jira Connector

      Susan manages the support team in a company specializing in developing system security management software in San Jose, CA. The company serves more than 100,000 customers and the clientele is rapidly expanding.

      Her team’s main challenge is to deal with customer problems and resolve customer cases in time.

      On an average day, her team receives around 80 cases and the number doubles at the time of routine maintenances and new product releases.

      In order to provide resolution, some cases require assistance from the product team.

      Due to the lack of cross-team collaboration between the support and engineering/product team, case resolution was taking longer than usual, thus, negatively impacting the customers’ experience. Susan was concerned, so she decided to try Grazitti’s Sinergify – A Salesforce-Jira Connector.

      Sinergify enabled Susan’s team to track and exchange cases within Salesforce, which stabilized her team’s performance by increasing the employee effort score. It abolished communication barriers and facilitated greater coordination.

      Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira is not only feasible but surprisingly easy with Sinergify, that provides a seamless flow of information between support and the product team and has resulted in:

      relevant alt text

      Sinergify empowered her team to:

      • Manage Jira issues directly in Salesforce
      • Establish one-to-one or many-to-many mapping between Jira issues and Salesforce cases
      • Configure custom Jira fields and sync them with Salesforce
      • Create rich visual reports in Salesforce with combined data
      • Integrate and customize the connector based on her business needs

      This improved direct case escalation, demolished communication gaps, and reduced silos between product and support teams.

      relevant alt text

      To know more, take a free trial of Sinergify – A Salesforce-Jira Connector.

      Email to Case Advance

      Michael is the head of the customer service department with an MNC in Seattle, WA. He was well aware of the multiple challenges faced by his support team, who were leveraging the standard Salesforce ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality, which has limited features.

      His support reps struggled to locate the right information in a long thread, identify correct attachments, and use selective sync on the case page.

      Michael was keen to empower his support reps and increase the employee effort score. For a long term and more reliable solution, he decided to use Email to Case Advance.

      Email to Case Advance is an essential power booster for Michael’s team that was using Salesforce Service Cloud.

      Email to Case Advance has numerous features:

      • Clean Case Comments and Attachments
      • Manage Emails Forwarded by Employees
      • Customize Email Templates
      • Merge Duplicate Cases
      • Handle Non-Customer Emails
      • Notify Customers in To, CC, and BCC
      relevant alt text

      Learn more about E2CAdvance, book a free demo.

      SearchUnify for Salesforce Service Cloud

      Matt is the senior customer success manager with one of the growing IT companies in Baltimore, MD.

      His company was on the track of profitability and productivity and was serving more than 2000 customers.

      He expected his company’s new products to generate more sales but was concerned about providing cost-efficient and effective self-support for his growing customers base and to help support retain more customers.

      Matt wanted to distinguish his organization’s support from all his competitors. He wanted intelligent search along with powerful analytics to empower his support team.

      Matt decided to try Grazitti’s SearchUnify to enhance agent efficiency and deliver superior customer service.

      It is an AI-powered enterprise search solution, which helps his customer support team integrate all platforms and sites with a single search interface. It also helps Matt’s customer support team and has resulted in:

      relevant alt text

      SearchUnify has everything that Matt needs to elevate his support for enriching customer experience.

      Some Features:

      • Leverage Customer Journey Insights
      • Unify Disparate Content Repositories Within Salesforce
      • Reduce Turnaround Time with Agent Helper
      • Automate Responses
      • Track & Evaluate Agent Productivity
      • Optimize Search Experience
      • Accelerate Case Resolution
      relevant alt text

      These solutions have been crafted carefully to help you attain the desired results.
      Are you ready to increase your organization’s service productivity, reduce turn-around time, increase retention, and revenue?

      Want help to improve your productivity in Service Cloud? Contact Us.

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce experts have provided award-winning, customized solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Online Communities, and other Salesforce implementations and integrations. Leverage the latest Salesforce enhancements for your Salesforce instance or optimize your instance, drop us a line at [email protected].

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