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      How to Succeed at Progressive Profiling?

      Nov 25, 2014

      3 minute read

      “Keeping forms as short as possible is a best practice, but sometimes you really need extra data in particular circumstances. That’s where conditional form logic is very handy.”
      Jay Baer, renowned marketer and founder of Convince and Convert

      According to Quick Sprout, eliminating just 7 fields on your form can result in a conversion lift of up to 120%. Forms are the way of the online conversion world but they can also be an annoying part of redeeming offers on the web. So, how can we make the form completion requirement a bit easier & interesting?

      Progressive Profiling – The Rescuer

      Progressive Profiling allows you to progressively collect lead information over time by displaying new fields to audience, based on the previously collected information from them.

      Why use Progressive Profiling?

      You require extensive information about each of your leads so you can better segment your marketing campaigns and nurture your leads. An effective way to learn about a lead is to directly ask them the questions. With Progressive Profiling, you can spread your ideal questions over time, aligned with the lead’s stage in the sales cycle.

      Here’s how you can use Progressive Profiling to maximize your investments–[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

      Progressive Profiling

      8 Quick Tips for Mastering Progressive Profiling

      Collect critical information first: Determine the most critical information that your sales team requires to qualify leads effectively. Collect the data you need to segment your marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

      Structurize your questions: When designing the order of your progressive profiling fields, make sure you keep the broad questions at the top of the funnel and eventually narrow down to the detailed, product-focussed questions.

      Align questions with lead’s stage in the life cycle: When ordering your questions, keep in mind the lead’s stage in that particular conversation. Also, you can conduct some analysis into your customer base and your average sales cycle. This can help you figure out the right questions for a particular conversation along the lead’s conversion path.

      Tailor form fields based on buyers’ personas: Craft questions for your form fields based on different segments of your leads. You can add these forms to your segment specific landing pages or in your lead nurturing workflows. This helps you to capture the lead intelligence that is specifically valuable to that particular audience.

      Employ engaging calls-to-action: Instead of using default word ‘submit’ on your form buttons, keep calls-to-action like “Get your free trial”, “Get your free ebook”, “Talk to an expert now”, and more.

      Optimize your thank you pages: Thank you pages reflect the face of a company and have great potential for further re-engagements. Guide your audience to view other compelling content (blogs, webinars, case studies, ebooks) to gradually derive additional lead data. Progressive Profiling redirects the users hitting the thanks page to a landing page, where they can fill the form and download the recommended asset.

      Act on the responses: You should have a well- structured plan to act on the answers provided for your questions. Failing to respond affects your credibility and reduces responses to future progressive profiling events.

      Always Test: Do A/B testing to see what works best for you. Should you have 3 or more fields? What works better a text box or a drop down? Doing your own testing is the best marketing tactic to discover which form fields and lengths work best for your business.

      Progressive Profiling Collection


      • Progressive Profiling takes patience
      • Be strategic when developing forms
      • More fields = Less Conversions
      • Create user-friendly forms
      • Structure questions relevant to buyer’s lifecycle stage

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