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      HubSpot Deal Stages – Your Trump Card to Sales Success

      Jul 11, 2022

      4 minute read

      We’re living in the digital age of informed customers.

      And for sales reps, selling to them, all while managing multiple administrative burdens, is an uphill battle.

      The name of the game for sales reps is about nurturing leads through the sales funnel to drive revenue! For this, it is important to know your customer’s behavior and preferences to understand how they buy.

      And, HubSpot can help you gain visibility into the sales pipeline to do just that.

      HubSpot Deal Stages are the steps in a HubSpot sales pipeline that help marketers and sales reps keep track of their deal process.

      In this blog post, we will take you through what HubSpot Deal Stages are and how you can use it for better visibility of your sales pipeline and in streamlining your sales processes.

      So, let’s dive straight in.

      What are HubSpot Deal Stages?

      HubSpot Deal Stages are the steps in the sales pipeline that indicate to your sales team that a lead is close to conversion. Simply put, HubSpot Deal Stages are different ways to categorize how deals progress through the sales funnel.

      For instance, each deal stage determines a different step of a particular customer’s journey with your sales team, from their first exploration call to signing the quote.

      By analyzing the different stages of a HubSpot deal, you’ll be able to more easily accommodate your sales process for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

      HubSpot even has numerous default deal properties, including deal name, deal owner, deal description, deal type, deal status, etc. to help marketers and sales reps manage and track their deals effectively.

      How do HubSpot Deal Stages Streamline Sales Processes?

      In many situations, one of the main problems that sales reps face is developing a crystal clear picture of where leads are in their sales cycles.

      HubSpot Deal Stages to the rescue!

      With it, you can understand how your deals progress through the sales funnel. So, you can gain a better understanding of what prospects are looking for, how they want to experience your product, and where each lead is in the process. Hence, HubSpot Deal Stages bring better transparency and visibility to the entire sales process.

      Secondly, HubSpot Deal Stages determine the health of your pipeline by providing you with important data. And, in turn, you can easily manage your sales and marketing activities based on what people are looking for, helping you increase conversion rates!

      Furthermore, the deal pipeline visualizes the sales processes, so sales reps can identify selling hindrances and predict revenue. While you can easily customize the pipeline, you can also set up automation to create tasks as deals move further in the sales funnel. It can further help you ace your sales process.

      Deal stages are the aces up your pipeline sleeve that signify to your sales team that an opportunity is close to conversion.

      How to Set Up HubSpot Deal Stages?

      Now that we know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of deal stages, it’s important to understand the ‘how’ of it.


      Let’s take a closer look at how you can set up Deal Stages in your HubSpot Sales Hub with finesse.

      Step 1: Sign in to your HubSpot account.

      Step 2: In the main menu, from the ‘Sales’ drop-down menu, click on ‘Deals.’

      Step 3: Select the pipeline you want to modify.

      Step 4: From the drop-down ‘Board Actions,’ choose ‘Edit Stages’ to add/edit your deal stages.

      Voilà! It’s that easy!

      How to Add a Deal Stage?

      If you want to create a new deal stage, click the ‘Add a deal stage’ button present at the bottom left of the interface and set the stage name.

      Each business is unique, and so is every sales team. That’s why most prefer their own custom deal stages that align with their unique process, which is why HubSpot has made their tool so customizable and easy to use!

      Tips to Optimize HubSpot Deal Stages

      To make the most out of your deal stages, we’ve got expert backed tips that can amplify the power of HubSpot Deal Stages.


      1. Start From the Scratch: Building from existing templates may not be the best way to optimize your HubSpot Deal Stages. We recommend designing deal stages with a blank slate, which enables you to optimize each stage for the specific needs of your prospects.

      2. Don’t Overdo It: Simplicity is the key. Unnecessary and numerous deal stages hinder the productivity of sales reps. So, it’s always a good idea to have five deal stages on average for optimized sales processes.

      3. Set Data-Driven Criteria: Establish deal stage definitions and make sure to back it up by data in your HubSpot system. It enables sales reps to track the progress with ease.

      4. Determine the Right Stages: Make sure each deal stage represents the action taken by your sales team, such as Meeting Scheduled or Proposal Sent and all your team members understand them.

      This new era isn’t just about generating traffic; it’s about nurturing leads to the point that they’re ready to convert into sales. That’s why sales reps need all the ammunition they can to level up their sales game. And with HubSpot Deal Stages, they’ve got a rock-solid ally that can help make data-driven predictions, optimize your sales campaigns, and ultimately, drive higher revenue.

      Isn’t this what every sales rep wants?

      Want to Make the Most Out of Hubspot Deal Stages? Let’s Talk!

      Wherever you are in your HubSpot journey, our HubSpot aces are well-equipped to simplify any complexities for you, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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