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      Introducing LinkedIn Website Retargeting

      May 12, 2017

      3 minute read

      There goes an old business adage – “If at first you don’t succeed, try again”, that certainly holds true when it comes to retargeting. Known as remarketing, retargeting is a cookie based technology that anonymously ‘follows’ your audience using a simple JavaScript code.

      LinkedIn Retargeting Story[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature known as Matched Audiences that includes three targeting tools namely website retargeting, account targeting and contact targeting. With these tools, you can market to your contacts from your customer databases and retarget visitors of your website. By focusing on people who have shown interest in your company, you will most likely be able to positively impact your marketing ROI.

      What is LinkedIn Website Retargeting?

      Website retargeting gives advertisers the ability to retarget their website visitors with ad content on LinkedIn. It requires advertisers to add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to their website, through which they can further engage with website visitors. For more refined targeting, advertisers can use LinkedIn demographic segments.

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      What can you do with It?

      Define audiences: Segment/differentiate your website visitors on the basis of the pages they visited on your site.
      Customize ad content: Deliver content that is relevant to your audiences by customizing ad content thereby reactivating visitor interest.
      Guide prospects: Drive more sales and qualified leads by guiding prospects along their buying journey.

      How do you get started?

      Here’s how you can get started:

      i)    Add LinkedIn Insight Tag: A lightweight JavaScript tag, the LinkedIn Insight Tag enables retargeting, conversion tracking and web analytics for your LinkedIn ad campaigns. Here is how you can add an Insight Tag to your website;

      Step 1: Sign in to Campaign Manager and click on tools in the upper right corner of the page
      Step 2: Copy the entire Insight Tag code and add it to every page on your domain
      Step 3: Add your domain on the configuration page
      Once the Insight Tag is added, sign in to campaign manager, click on ‘Tools’ and choose the ‘Insight Tag’. Your website will be then be listed as verified after 24 hours.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]ii)    Create Audiences to Retarget: When creating your website segments, you may either target the subset of your visitors or all your website visitors. It is possible to customize your website segments with the following filters –

      • Starts with – Matches identical characters right from the beginning of the string till the end. It is a good idea to use this filter when your page URLs are normally unvarying but you wish to include some parameters at the end of the URL.
      • Exact –  Matches every single character in your URL without exception. You should use this when the URLs are static and you wish to retarget visitors from specific pages.
      • Contains – Matches characters appearing anywhere in the URL.

      iii)    Grow Your Audience: After you’ve installed Insight Tags and have defined audience segments as well, your audience will grow as more LinkedIn members visit your site.

      Launch your Campaign

      While selecting your audience for retargeting, you can exclude or include your audience remarketing list from the drop down, under “Retarget your website visitors” of the Audience settings section at the campaign level. Select specific targeting criteria such as company name, job title, company industry, company size and so on.

      Your website segment must generate at least 300 people, before ads can be delivered to your retargeted audience. If you launch your campaign, it will automatically start delivering once LinkedIn matches at least 300 members. You can also save your campaign as a draft, and launch it when the audience builds up.

      While retargeting isn’t an old concept on other platforms, it is more appealing on LinkedIn as it is mainly for professional networking. LinkedIn Matched Audiences is an excellent B2B tool, that fosters the leads generated from your website.

      Have you tried out this stellar feature yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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